Ministry of Agriculture Supports the Organic Vegetables from the Millennial Farmers

Ministry of Agriculture Supports the Organic Vegetables from the Millennial Farmers

01 July 2020 , 06:16 WIB, SEMARANG – Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo and the member of Commission IV, Indonesian Legislators, Luluk Hamidah visited and harvested the organic vegetables in Sayur Organik Merbabu (SOM), Kopeng, Sub district of Getasan, District of Semarang, Saturday (27/6/2020). The visit was about to encourage the better, more independent, and modern organic vegetables cultivation produced by the millennial farmers so that the production could fulfill the raising demands and orders heading to new normality.

Minister Syahrul said that the agriculture sector heading to the new normality or after corona virus (Covid-19) hits should be reinforced so that the agriculture could be the major pillar of economy nationally. Covid-19 has changed the world, has tested every region and country to be the winner or not.

“That is why Indonesia is the nation of fighter and Central Java Province, namely District of Semarang should be the front guard and locomotive to make the economy go forward through the agriculture. We have to be in spirit to provide the food for the people. Never let the people say ‘hungry’. This is our same challenge to win,” he said, as in the official written statement to

Syahrul also hoped in the visit to SOM Kepang, every side have the will to provide the modern, independent, and better food and if it could be exported to face the impact of Covid-19. He thought that the agriculture is the only one solution for not knowing the crisis as long as it is optimally cultivated.

“We have to guarantee that there is no one person saying ‘hungry’. The agriculture should be accelerative, growing better from what exists. And what the millennial farmer, such as, Sofyan and his friends have done together in SOM has answered the challenges,” he said.

“These areas are approximately 10 hectares but make Rp 300 million per month, cultivated by 25 men. They get about Rp 10 million per man per month. Sorry to say that the salary of a regent is cheaper,” he said.

He also determined to develop the SOM model to other regions so that the agriculture could be the pillar of economy equally in every region. Ministry of agriculture would really support by giving the seeds, fertilizers, tools, insurance, and kredit usaha rakyat (KUR).

"We urged that the regional governments and the young generations should maximally advantage KUR. We would help the facilitation so that our agriculture would be better,” he said.

Regent of Semarang, Mundjirin ES did appreciate the visit of Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo to develop the horticulture commodities, namely the vegetable. The orders raise up to 300 percent and it proves that the vegetables produced by the farmers in Kopeng are really organic.

“The vegetable here are expensive enough, up to Rp 100 thousand per kilogram,. They are locally sold and now the vegetables penetrate the online market,” he said.

“Some were exported, such as, snaps (bean), avocado, and durian have been certified. Our farmers also plant flowers, such as, chrysanthemum, and others, such as, ginger and traditional plants,” he said.

For information, the agriculture in District of Semarang covers 25 thousand hectares or less than 3 percent of the total areas in Central Java province. The vegetable in SOM is developed by 10 groups within about 50 hectares.

In the same location, General Director of Horticulture, Ministry of Agriculture, Prihasto Setyanto was optimist to make the horticulture products, pillar of economy, and answer the impact of Covid 19. His side would also monitor, evaluate to develop, strengthen the millennial farmers in the horticulture centers.

“Many years ago, the farmers were identical with old men. But in Kopeng, District of Semarang there are young men who persistently cultivate organic vegetables. They themselves do everything – from the cultivation up to the marketing. We have to imitate it to other regions so that the people’s economy would not be influenced by Covid - 19," he said.

The millennial farmers in SOM Kopeng, and also the Chairman of Pusat Pelatihan Pertanian dan Perdesaan Swadaya (P4S) Citra Muda, Sofyan Adi Cahyono said that in the pandemic heading to new normality, the organic vegetables are increasing to sell.

The nowadays consumers’ trend converts from the fresh product to the organic and safe one. The marketing system is mostly done by online.

“Our business is the legal organic vegetable. We have the documents of groups within 30 young farmers as the members, we have the organic certificate from Indonesian Organic Farming Certification (INOFICE). Our turnover reaches Rp 300 million per month. We cultivate 10 hectares, and plant more than 50 kinds of vegetables,” he said.

Sofyan also emphasized that the pandemic and heading to new normality are the profitable moments to develop vegetables. The demands are not from Central Java only but also from Sumatera.

"It is true that the Covid-19 pandemic makes the increasing demands. If in the previous, we sold 4 -5 tons, now we could sell 14 – 15 tons of organic vegetables per month,” he explained.

After visiting the organic vegetable areas, Minister Syahrul and the groups visited Hortimart Agro Center in Bawen, District of Semarang. Hortimart is a kind of horticulture product development in tourism – base from the upstream to downstream sectors. It produces the seeds of horticulture, and there is Agro Resto for the visitors who want to enjoy the menu in Hortimart.

The member of Indonesian Representative, Denty Eka Widi Pratiwi; Regent of Semarang, Mundjirin ES; Commandant of Army 073/Makutarama, Kolonel Arm Moch Erwansjah; head of Attorney Central Java, Head of Agriculture and Plantation Agency, Central Java, Suryo Banendro; Police Chief of Semarang, AKBP Gatot Hendro Hartono; Commandant of Army 0733/BS Semarang, Kolonel Inf Yudhi Diliyanto, the officers of echelon I in ministry of agriculture attended the event. (A2)