In Kendal, SYL Harvested Corn and Gave Helps

In Kendal, SYL Harvested Corn and Gave Helps

01 July 2020 , 06:17 WIB, KENDAL – Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) did visit work in District of Kendal, Central Java, Saturday (27/06/2020). In the visit, he did harvest corn and symbolically give the kredit usaha rakyat (KUR), insurance, and agriculture tools within the total about Rp 8.727.258.600.

He gave the helps in Village of Pucangrejo, Sub district of Gemuh, District of Kendal.

“What we have done today is that Indonesia should not lack of food to face anything in the future. Kendal has given the samples to us, motivated us that Indonesia is the great country, strong country, and has everything. It is just about how we manage it,” he said, as in the official written statement to

SYL told that the potential in Indonesia could make the people survive, the people eat still, and could produce in any challenge. The difficult challenges are faced because of the good nature,

He believed that the agriculture in Kendal would run well and should always be in the future. He said that the tomorrow’s paradigm is we should not use the money (cash) from the government but use the cash in the banks to invest. If the circular runs well, could accelerate, it would increase our productivity.

“If the circular runs well, in the good calculation, there would be no unprofitable farming. The agriculture never gets loss unless if it is mismanaged. What I mean is we plant the seeds in the field, not in the asphalt. This is mismanaged. But as long as the seeds are well planted based on the detail and conditions of the good agriculture, the agriculture would be the profit,” he said.

Facing the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic and the decreasing economy, one which could enliven the people, welfare the people, and economy is the agriculture.

“The agriculture is the best option to face the decreasing economy because of Covid-19 pandemic because of unemployment. One thing for sure is to eat. That is why we have to do modern, better agriculture approaches by strengthening food independency in each region,” he said.

SYL also mentioned, one good food in the village would strengthen the food in the sub district. One good food in sub district would strengthen the food in the district. And one good food in the district would strengthen the food in the province.

Meanwhile General Director of Agriculture Infrastructures, Ministry of Agriculture, Sarwo Edhy did salute the potential in Kendal.

“District of Kendal has 24.335 hectares (ha) of paddy fields. The excellent potential in Central Java should increase the rice and corn production nationally,” he said.

He thought that as the way to support the agriculture in the district, ministry of agriculture would distribute KUR from three banks, they are, BRI, BNI, and Bank Mandiri within the total about, Rp 1.910.000.000.

Within detail, the KUR from BRI for the agriculture sector reached Rp 500 million; for the livestock reached Rp 50 million. KUR from BNI for agriculture trade reached Rp 500 million; for the trade business reached Rp 300 million; for the rice mill reached Rp 500 million. KUR from Bank Mandiri for the paddy reached Rp 25 million, and for the corn reached Rp 35 million.

“We would give the agriculture insurance policy from asuransi usaha tani padi (AUTP) and asuransi usaha ternak sapi/kerbau (AUTSK),” Sarwo Edhy said.

The policy of AUTSK in January – May 2020 in Central Java symbolically reached 3.154 animals, while the AUTSK claims were handed over symbolically (January – May 2020) in Central Java covering 77 cows within about Rp 765.900.000.

For the AUTP, the policy was symbolically handed-over in January – May 2020 in Central Java reaching 52.719 ha, and the AUTP claims were symbolically handed – over (January – May 2020) in Central Java covering 785,45 ha or about Rp. 4.712.681.600. The total insurance given reached Rp 5.478.581.600

“For the agriculture tools in 2020, the total helps for Kendal were 46 units or about Rp 1.338.676.000 within detail, 2 units of four – vehicle tractors; 8 units of two –vehicle tractors; 16 units of water pumps; and 20 units of hand-sprayers,” he said.

Regent of Kendal, Mirna Annisa who also attended there really appreciated the helps of KUR from ministry of agriculture. The farmers and small businessmen are helpful to fulfill what they need in their business.

“The KUR in agriculture really helps the farmers. They sold their production directly to the off-takers. By the program, every component cooperates to help the profitable agriculture business,” she said. (A2)