Ministry of Agriculture Prepared the Anticipation Where the Flood May Happen in the Dry Season

Ministry of Agriculture Prepared the Anticipation Where the Flood May Happen in the Dry Season

04 August 2020 , 04:29 WIB, JAKARTA – Though the dry season happens, meteorology, climatology, and geophysics agency (MCGA) warned the high rain in some regions in southern Indonesia though it is in dry season. The equator regions are potential to be in hard rain. The climate and weather in Indonesia in this year make the contrast, such as, some regions are dry while other would be in hard rain, just like what happened in Sulawesi.

As it was written in the first place, the flood hit District of Bolaang Mongondow (Bolmong), North Sulawesi, the Agriculture Agency, North Sulawesi Province and Agriculture Agency, District of Bolmong still calculate the losses.

Knowing this, General Director of Food Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi instructed his officers to make the data and the numbers of the loss from the paddy fields, and what to do to improve them. Ministry of agriculture is fully committed to anticipate the flood in the dry season by giving helps.

“It needs to do fast to help the farmers who are hit by the flood. Just like what Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo told to keep and increase the food production, every field issue should immediately be solved. The food issue is the job of the country,” he said in Jakarta, Saturday, (1/8/2020), as in the official statement to

Meanwhile, Director of Food Plantation Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Edy Purnawan sad that his side directly coordinated with balai proteksi tanaman pangan dan hortikultura (BPTPH), Agriculture Agency, North Sulawesi, and Agriculture Agency, District of Bolmong to ensure the data and would immediately propose the seed helps because of the loss to general director of food plantation.

“Just like Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo told, ministry of agriculture should respond and act fast if the field issue exists. The climate and weather have something to do with the agriculture,” he said.

In the other place, the officer of BPTPH, as the technical unit which is in charge to make data and report the flood to the food plantation and horticulture, Yohanes Wowor said that there are five sub districts where the flood hit.

“The corn and paddy hit by the flood are in Sub district of Dumoga, Dumoga Timur, Dumoga Tengah, Dumoga Utara, and Dumoga Barat," Yohanes said.

The other officer of BPTPH lain in Bolmong, I Made Wiratma said that the flood happened for the hard and continuous rain for some days which made Ongkag Dumoga River and Toraut Dam overflew. After being in data, the standing crop hit covered 103 hectares (ha) of paddy fields within 1,8 ha would not be failed while the conr covered 25,5 ha and 3,5 ha would not be successful (to harvest).

“The numbers might be increasing knowing that the data still runs and the flood is no more,” he said.

As it is broadcasted, MCGA predicted that in general the dry season would happen until October 2020 while the high and hard rain in the regions where the dry season takes place would be happening for the next four months. So though it is in dry season, the rain should be a notice namely in the equator regions. (A2)