SYL Encouraged Accelerate the Planting in the Food Estate, Central Kalimantan

SYL Encouraged Accelerate the Planting in the Food Estate, Central Kalimantan

02 September 2020 , 06:40 WIB, PULANG PISAU – To follow up what President Joko Widodo instructed to accelerate the paddy production nationally, Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo visited one location in the food estate covering 706 hectares In Village of Tahai Baru, Sub district of Pandih Batu, District of Pulang Pisau, Central Kalimantan, Monday (31/08) noon. He directly did field check to ensure that the planting acceleration runs well in the location.

He also directly witnessed the planting acceleration by planting the hybrid superior seeds, inpari 32. To help the production process, the food estate used seed sower, which was drone.

“The agriculture should use the sophisticated technology by using the latest tools and machine,” he said, as in the official statement to

It is hoped that the agriculture corporate in the food estate in this province could multiply the food stocks nationally, not only in the upstream but also in the downstream sectors and involve the synergy among the government, the private, and the people themselves.

He also told that the agriculture should keep running though the Covid-19 still haunts. One factor which keeps the agriculture positively running is the planting acceleration that makes the production keeps operating.

“The agriculture gets better because it is helped by the strategic program by transforming the management, from personal to corporate model,” he said.

He did hope that by the end of September, he and the president could re-visit Pulang Pisau to monitor the area optimization in person.

“In this location, there is a silver lining. Central Kalimantan could be the reference of agriculture that makes our nation proud of, namely in the agriculture.  There is a big hope that this area could contribute to our nation and country,” Syahrul said.

In the future, he told something to the regional secretary of Central Kalimantan Province who did attend in the location to realize the idea.

“It is clear. I need that the secretary could help. Whatever it is, it is for the people here,” SYL said. (A2)