The Villagers and the Students of Central Kalimantan Support the Food Estate

The Villagers and the Students of Central Kalimantan Support the Food Estate

03 September 2020 , 06:43 WIB, CENTRAL KALIMANTAN – The villagers of Tahai Baru, Sub district of Maliku, District of Pulang Pisau, Central Kalimantan Province are enthusiastic to welcome the food estate program. They thought that the program could enliven the positive economy for the surroundings.

“Having paddy fields and plantations, we do hope to get additional income,” a villager, Mukminah (39) said when attending the first planting in the food estate in District of Pulang Pisau, Monday (31/8/2020).

Before having the food estate, he continued, the areas in the village were abandoned and hard to plant. But by the touch of technology and mechanism, the areas are fertile now.

“We are happy for being directly involved to run the program,” he said, as in the official statement to

The same support was told by the student of Universitas Palangkaraya, Fendri Wijaya (24). He thought that the students would locally consolidate to encourage the program acceleration to develop the food estate.

"Food estate is in Kalimantan. As the local students, we have to support the program to be the best solution to food security in Indonesia,” he said.

He did hope that the food estate could trigger the food security program nationally and massively. The program is hoped to be the solution for the crisis that Indonesia faces.

“By the food estate, the students hoped that the agriculture in Indonesia could develop namely in the remote areas, such as in Kalimantan. To us, this is the very best way for it is proven to make the people’s economy better when the pandemic still haunts,” he said.

Knowing this, Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo took the villagers of Kalimantan to do anything in agriculture in person. This is a must knowing that the province has the clear and promising future in agriculture.

“Doing something in agriculture is the same with touching the heaven for it has advantages for many people. Why? Because the agriculture does not recognize the crisis. The agriculture is not hit by Covid-19. That is why it should be seriously done,” he said. (A2)