In the Massive Crops, Ministry of Agriculture Confirmed that the Rice Stocks Are in Good Condition

In the Massive Crops, Ministry of Agriculture Confirmed that the Rice Stocks Are in Good Condition

18 March 2021 , 06:01 WIB, JAKARTA – Ministry of Agriculture claimed that the rice stocks heading to Ramadan days are in good condition. Based on the prognosis of the availability and the needs of food until May 2021, it is predicted that the stocks could be 25 million tons.

“The rice balance by 2021 is in good condition namely some regions are in massive crops,” General Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture Momon, Rusmono said in the hearing with Commission IV Indonesian Legislators in Jakarta, Monday (15/03/2021), as in the official statement to

The rice stocks until December 2020 reached 7,389 million tons. The domestic production could be 17,5 million tons while the needs would be 12,336 million tons. It means, the rice balance until May 2021 would be about 12,565 million tons.

Heading to Ramadan and Idul Fitri 1442 H, Ministry of Agriculture would do some strategies to guarantee food including rice. “We would regularly monitor the price and do bazaar of the main commodities through Pasar Mitra Tani and traditional markets in cooperation with Enterprises and other partners,” he said.

Ministry of Agriculture would prepare the strategies to secure the rice production nationally. To anticipate the impacts of climate change, such as, flood and drought, Ministry of Agriculture would do early warning system. “It is the system to help and monitor the regions in flood prone or drought prone,” he said.

His side also anticipated the drought by making labor intensive to infrastructure both through rehabilitation of tertiary irrigation, pumping/piping irrigation, and preparing reservoir. Ministry of Agriculture would accelerate the distribution of seeds to plant.

In the same chance, Director of Perusahaan Umum Badan Urusan Logistik (Perum Bulog), Budi Waseso told that in the massive crop, it needs to increase and ability to buy the farmers’ grain.

“Milled dry grain (MDG) from every region in Indonesia in March – April 2021 could be 17,3 million tons. While the production surplus in January – April 2021 could be 6 million tons of rice. Knowing that the February 2021 production was over the needs of monthly MDG, it needs to increase the grain absorption in the domestic in order not to make the farmers’ grain cheaper,” he said.

It is a must knowing that the peak crops would be in March to April 2021. It was different from 2020 when the massive crops were delayed one month or in April – May 2020. 

“The realization of grain/rice procurement nationally would be until 14 March 2021 for about 70.940 tons that consists of Cadangan Beras Pemerintah (CBP) about 37.806 tons and for the commerse about 33.134 tons. In the massive crops, the targets of CBP in March – April 2021 would be 390.800 tons. It is oped that the CBP stocks by the end of April would be more than 1 million tons,” Budi said. (A2)