Wilmar Took the Farmers to Plant Paddy for about 148 Ha in Ngawi and Mojokerto

Wilmar Took the Farmers to Plant Paddy for about 148 Ha in Ngawi and Mojokerto

26 March 2021 , 06:37 WIB

Agricom.id, JAKARTA – PT Wilmar Padi Indonesia took the groups in Ngawi dan Mojokerto, East Java Province to plant paddy through demonstration plot. Until now the demonstration plot covers about 148 hectares (ha). PT Wilmar Chemical Indonesia as the producer of Pupuk Mahkota supports it.

Director of PT Wilmar Padi Indonesia, Saronto said that the demonstration plot has been running since 2019 and the goal is to develop the groups, such as, about the right and good planting, the application of agriculture production infrastructure, and the good harvest technic. “In the development, we would urge the farmers to apply the better technic to increase the production,” he said, as in the official statement.

The company also mentioned that it is important to do fertilize more efficient and balancing. Based on the participants’ experiences, the demonstration plots of the groups need 382 kg per 0,5 ha in implementing more efficient and balancing fertilization. For all these years, they needed 482 kg per 0.5 ha. From the data of production realization in the demonstration plots, the paddy production increased, at least, 11 percent in minimal and 33 percent in maximal.

Saronto also explained that the plots are successful and other groups were interested in the program. His side also continues the program in the form of penanaman serentak or same planting commercially. The paddy planting in the demonstration plot program was held in the farmers’ areas and they are helped in getting fertilizers, paddy seeds, and pesticides. They could get everything before the planting season and pay after the harvest. The paddy seed procurement and pesticides were from others which contribute in the same planting.

In the future, Wilmar plans to expand the demonstration plots in many paddy producer regions in Indonesia. Many regional governments also support the program for it could increase the food plantation production. “Our goal is to implement more demonstration plot so that many farmers get the advantages,” Saronto said. (A2)