Having the Good Quality, District of Sleman Succeeded to Brand

Having the Good Quality, District of Sleman Succeeded to Brand

31 December 2021 , 05:13 WIB

Agricom.id, SLEMAN - District of Sleman now successfully brands the rice produced by Gabungan Kelompok Tani (Gapoktan ) in the district named “Beras Sleman” and it is ready to be sold in the modern shops nationally. Head of Fishery and Agriculture Agency, District of Sleman, Heru Saptonso said that beras sleman is sold in the modern and traditional markets.

It started from the concern of regional government of Sleman since 2016. The rice produced by the farmers in the district should be branded by beras delanggu. The grain was taken to Demak, Central Java and West Java. Then it was packed and sold in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) Province. But by having the good quality, District of Sleman branded its rice successfully.

To get the good production, he continued that his side always monitored and controlled the rice quality from Sleman. “We keep monitoring the quality of beras sleman. We put the counselors of agricultural quality in each region in West Sleman, Central Sleman, and East Sleman to maintain the quality,“ he said, as in the official statement to Agricom.id.

He also mentioned that beras sleman has the good quality and tasty compared with the rice from other regions. Heru told that it is from the agricultural areas in Sleman and produced under Merapi mountain within good irrigation and it is not polluted.

In the same spot, Chairman of Asosiasi Sembada Beras Sleman, R. Bangun wished that the people should know beras sleman for it is tasty. “Through the regent of Sleman by giving circulars saying that every government’s officers in Sleman should consume it,” he said.

In the other place, General Director of Food Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi said that the idea of the head of Agriculture Agency, District of Sleman is very good to control the previous values which are gone and should be taken back. “If in Central Java it is famous with beras Delanggu, West Java within beras Cianjur, this is the idea for District of Sleman to return the specific rice within the name, Beras Sleman,” he told.

He did hope that beras Sleman which is now well produced, good packaging and branded by beras sleman could be sold in the supermarket and mall so that many people would know the original production. “We do give chance to other regions to brand their own products based on the rice,” he said.

He continued that it is the same with what Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo told that every officer in ministry of agriculture should keep monitoring and creating the new products in agriculture maximally to maintain and secure the food production nationally. (A2)