Palm Oil Industries Should Do These if about to do CPO Export to Europe

Palm Oil Industries Should Do These if about to do CPO Export to Europe

13 March 2021 , 14:23 WIB, JAKARTA – The Ambassador of European Union for Indonesia, Vincent Piket virtually visit Central Java Province (9/3/2021).  He led European Union delegation to increase the trade and investment from European and Indonesia by making good partnership.

Indonesian European Union – Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IEU-CEPA) which still continues should increase the trade and investment, contribute to give employment, and develop the economy in Indonesia. The partnership between the two sides should trigger the business world.

European Union that consists of 27 countries with about 600 million population has its appeal for other countries, including Indonesia to do trade cooperation. What is interesting more is that the different classification of both countries that triggers trader barriers.

For example, crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivate product trade. This is the common secret to have trade barriers. After it was difficult to trade palm oil biodiesel to European Union, CPO and its derivative products still face claims to fulfill the social and environment conditions.

Vincent Piket, telling to  Agricom.idthought that the people of European Union as product consumers of Indonesia, have high standard condition if the products are sold in their country. The products should notice the social and environment state along the supply chain of production. Every producer should have available integrity and capability to the social and environmental sustainability.

As the developed countries, European Union has the big consent to the social and environment globally, as the way to conserve the planet. That is why European Union hoped the support from other countries, including Indonesia to maintain the social and environmental sustainability to produce their products.

The government of European Union also consent to two things (products) from Indonesia, such as, nickel and palm oil. Vincent hoped that in the very short time, there would be agreement between the two sides to increase the trade of the two products. (A1)