Tik Talk about Artificial Plants: The Tips and Tricks from Millennial Businessmen

Tik Talk about Artificial Plants: The Tips and Tricks from Millennial Businessmen

15 March 2021 , 06:54 WIB

Agricom.id, JAKARTA – Ministry of Agriculture through Public Information and Relation Bureau did Tik Talk about Artificial Plants in House of Tani, first floor of Gedung Pusat Informasi Agribisnis (PIA), Friday (12/3/2021). It was enlivened by chrysantemum flower exhibition that the young businessmen do nationally.

At the moment, artificial plant lover and owner of The Jungle Green House, Jesslyn Lim told, artificial plant is the profitable business to do. It is easy to do because it needs narrow areas, such as, yard of house.

“Before I did this, I started from flower pot in a 4 meter - square. Then I developed to be 100 pots. I did not know why but in every single day, the flowers get more and more. As time goes, I posted (through social media) and my friends are interested. Then I sell the flowers,” Jesslyn told, Friday (12/3/2021) as in the official statement to Agricom.id.

She also mentioned that it is good to invest in artificial plants knowing that many do like the horticulture products whole over the world. There is no loss if it is well done.

“Now the raising plant is varigata. We could say that this is a kind of plantation within money pattern. It could be tens of billion to sell. That is why I do not by branded products for I invest in artificial plants,” she said.

Chairman of Kelompok Tani Mandiri Cianjur, Jana Rojana said that artificial plants would always exist as long as people live in the earth. This business would be more if there are beautiful plants and have expensive price.

“During the pandemic, the flowers which were cut decrease but flower is the everlasting business as long as the people live. I enjoy and love as a seller and nurse of these plants,” Jaja said.

In the same spot, Professor in Economy of Institut Pertanian Bogor, Professor Muhammad Firdaus urged that the young businessmen in artificial plants to increase the quality of their products to sell so that they could do many in the global exports. He believed that the varieties in national level are as good as the flowers in Europe.

“Seen from the data, we could not be said as exporters nor importer. For all these years, artificial plants are from Netherland. We should be able (to produce artificial plants) because in national level, ours are as good as the global,” he said.

Head of Public Information and Relation, Ministry of Agriculture, Kuntoro Boga Andri told that his side research institution about artificial plants in Cianjur where everyone could access, including the young businessmen to get more knowledge and capability.

“We have incubation program ‘Yess’ to facilitate the young generations to be entrepreneurs. Please get it as well and as maximal as you can,” he said. (A2)