Heading to National Holy Days, Ministry of Agriculture Monitored the Real of Chili Planting in Garut

Heading to National Holy Days, Ministry of Agriculture Monitored the Real of Chili Planting in Garut

20 March 2021 , 06:49 WIB

Agricom.id, GARUT – Heading to Ramadhan in the short time, General Director of Horticulture Ministry of Agriculture, Prihasto Setyanto directly saw the real planting of chili in District of Garut as the biggest chili planting center nationally, Wednesday (17/3).

In national level, District of Garut contributes the biggest of chili production and the seventh rank of cayenne pepper. For the big chili production, the productivity could be reaching 14,24 tons/hectare. That is why the government hoped that Garut could be the cantilever of chili supply for Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

Just like Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) told, the work visit to District of Garut is about to confirm the supply, namely heading National Holy Days, such as, Ramadhan and Idul Fitri. The man who is familiarly called as Anton visited chili production centers in Sub district of Samara and Banyuresmi, and visited to the chili nursery in Sub district of Pasirwangi. The chili areas in the two sub districts cover about 670 hectares that consist of, 230 hectares for cayenne pepper and 440 hectares for big chili. It is predicted that the two regions would be in crops in May 2021.

“Based on the prediction, I think, the chili needs in Ramadhan and Idul Fitri in this year would be enough,” he said, as in the official statement to Agricom.id

Anton also mentioned that the expensive chili happens for the big scale social distance in the early days of Covid-19 pandemic. This made the farmers goe losses, lack of modal and in the end, they did not plant many. But General Directorate of Horticulture keeps encouraging them to produce more by giving tools and plant pest control.

“Though it is expensive, the government would not do import of fresh chili. It would be 100 percent produced in the domestic,” he said.

Head of Agriculture Agency District of Garut, Benny Yoga told that in Ramadhan and Idul Fitri, the supply of chili would be in good condition and its price would not be as expensive as it is today. His side has made zonation of chili planting to secure the stock. For the supply in Ramadan and Idul Fitri, it would be from Garut Tengah and Garut Utara. While for Christmas and New Year, it would be from Garut Selatan. The potential crops of chili in the district could be 5.500 - 6.400 hectares per year.

"By the potential, we are ready to supply Jakarta,” he said.

Not only him, Sumarna as the chili champion in District of Garut confirmed the same. He told that the chili would be not as expensive as it is in Ramadhan. The cayenne pepper in the farmers’ level could be Rp 50 thousand per kilogram maximally. He also mentioned that besides in Sub district of Banyuresmi and Samara, Sub district of Cibiuk would be in crops covering 150 hectares. Other regions, such as, Sumedang and Bandung would be in crops in Ramadhan.

"We are supplying kinds of chili to Pasar Induk Kramat Jati Jakarta and Jakabaring - Palembang only 3 tons per day. But in the massive harvest, it would be not less than 10 tons cayenne pepper and 30 tons of curley chili," Marna said.

In 2021, General Directorate of Horticulture would develop chili through Kampung Cabai program. It would get some helps, starting from the nursery to the marketing. The touch of technology would be in the nursery so that it would be more efficient in time and the planting could be faster.

Besides, General Directorate of Horticulture would encourage to plant hybrid seeds. But if the farmers want to plant the local, they should plant the healthy seeds to avoid diseases for the next planting and the productivity remains high. (A2)