GSGP of Ministry of Agriculture and Bulog Targeted, in 2021 absorb 45.892 tons of Grain

GSGP of Ministry of Agriculture and Bulog Targeted, in 2021 absorb 45.892 tons of Grain

23 March 2021 , 06:25 WIB, DOMPU – Some regions are in crops such as in District of Dompu. To make sure that harvested dry grain (HDG) is in stable price in the farmers’ level, Perum Bulog in Bima directly checked the field.

The taskforce of Perum Bulog to absorb the grain/rice went to Village of Kandai Dua, Sub district of Woja, District of Dompu together with the team of Agriculture Agency District of Dompu.

Chief of Perum Bulog in Bima, Sawaludin Susanto told that based on the taskforce and team of Agriculture Agency District of Dompu, the average crops from the farmers have 31 to 33 percent of water level and the much crops are still in green grain.

The team and taskforce of Bulog should buy it in variety for it depends on the quality, starting from 3.900/kg to 4.000/kg in the paddy field within more than 30 percent water level. “The bottom line is that the grain is not cheaper but it adjusts the quality of grain in the crops,” Susanto said, as in the official statement to

HDG would be Rp 4.200/Kg if it is maximally in 25 percent of water level because it would influence the yield of milled dry grain (MDG) and the outcome.

Susanto also suggested the farmers/groups to make partnership with Perum Bulog to sell their crops. “Perum Bulog in Bima would be ready to maximally serve the farmers within ‘one day service’ payment. “Perum Bulog would get MDG in the storage about Rp 5.300/kg if the water level is maximally 14 percent and the medium rice is Rp 8.300/kg within water level maximally 14 percent,” he said.

He also told that Perum Bulog would be ready to buy the farmers’ grain within condition, the groups are in partnership with Perum Bulog and their outcome should be taken to the storage. In this year, Perum Bulog targets to buy 45.892 tons

Head of Marketing and Management Agriculture Agency District of Dompu, Wisneati told that the agency would be ready to monitor the buying of farmers’ grain and empower Komando Strategi Penggilingan Padi (Kostraling) to help the grain buying. “The post – harvest tools from Ministry of Agriculture really helped the process to be more efficient,” she said.

In other place, General Director of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi told that in the massive crops, his side led by Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) wanted that every side should prepare the strategic things to secure the production or stock of rice nationally and the price in the massive crops (March – April 2021). “Perum Bulog is one important institution to maintain the food availability, namely rice. The successful key is to manage it professionally,” he said.

Besides, Ministry of Agriculture starts to activate Kostraling to buy the grain and maintain the price in the farmers’ level. It is hoped that Kostraling would be as the small Perum Bulog t0 secure the rice stock. “One key is to strengthen more holistic synergy to make breakthrough and reveal every challenge,” he said. (A2)