Faisal Basri: Global Food Security Index Showed Agriculture in Indonesia Gets Better

Faisal Basri: Global Food Security Index Showed Agriculture in Indonesia Gets Better

24 March 2021 , 06:14 WIB

Agricom.id, JAKARTA – Senior economist of Universitas Indonesia, Faisal Basri told that agriculture in Indonesia based on global food security index in 2020 gets better than other countries, such as, South Africa, Philippine, and Cambodia..

He also said that Indonesia could be better than the three countries knowing that affordability, availability, natural resource and resilience index were imporved by many programs and policy to increase the production. Indonesia is in 65 rank of 113 countries.

“From affordability factors, we are relatively good because the score is 73,5. The availability ranks is better too, which is 48 within the score 64,7. But we have to notice the quality and safety for we are in the 85 ranks within score 49,6," Faisal said in the discussion ‘Reformulasi Kebijakan Perberasan’, Monday (22/3/2021).

On the other hand, Indonesia should improve its natural resources and resilience for in the 109 rank of 113 countries witin the score 34,3. But he continues, the position and score were better because Indonesia was at 113 rank within score 34,1.

"That is why our agriculture really depends on environment policy that needs firmly policies to support other sectors, for instance, in quality and safety, they should have connection one to the other to local food. We have to do environment food local empowerment to improve the quality and safety,” he said, as in the official statement to  Agricom.id.

But he continued, Indonesia should be grateful because from the calculation, the paddy production in this year could be in massive surplus namely because the government encouraged it from supporting policy.

“I do believe that in the fasting days, the food price would be stable and enough. The price of rice in Indonesia is more stable than it in other couhtries. I think that we need to provide and feed those in hunger whole over the world,” he said.

He also told that Indonesia does not need to do rice import because the massive crops are happening in many regions. He did hope that the policy to rice import would not be the continuos mistake such as in 2008, 2011, 2016 when the rice imports were held and the farmers were bad.

“There is one thing to do, that is, increase the productivity. I am very grateful because in the last two years, there has been improvement. In this year, the farmers get better, the farmers’ exchange rate gets better, and the exports significantly increased,” he said.

Professor of Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Gajah Mada, Masyuri did appreciate what the officers of Ministry of Agriculture have done – led by Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo. There have good results namely in the domestic production policies.

“I do appreciate Minister of Agriculture for the policies to increase the food production nationally. In the future, food estate program should be well advantaged to multiply the production nationally,” he said.

He continued that during these years, the small milling units became the victims of rice imports that were held many times and influenced the retail price and decreased the farmers’ welfare.

“The most miserable sector from rice import is the small milling unit. The high retail price that Minister of Trade published would make others suffer,” he said. (A2)