GSGP Was in South Sumatera to buy 95.455 tons of Grain

GSGP Was in South Sumatera to buy 95.455 tons of Grain

24 March 2021 , 06:15 WIB, SOUTH SUMATERA – The government keeps doing the best to fulfill rice supply nationally in many regions, such as, in South Sumatera Province. The Government of South Sumatera through Circular of Governor of South Sumatera to Minister of Agriculture mentioned that the province has done some things, such as, rice for the government officers, and increase to buy the grain done by Perum Badan Urusan Logistik (Bulog). The rice for government officers would absorb 5.180 tons of milled dry grain (MDG) per year.

Perum Bulog targeted to absorb 95.455 tons MDG of the total strorage capacity in Bulog that reaches 136.350 tons MDG. It would be able to absorb MDG about 65.448 tons until this April. Bulog has bought MDG from the farmers about 20.452,5 tons or about 30% of the target. The representative of Perum Bulog in South Sumatera, Ninik Laswiati said that her side bough about 500 tons per week in average from the farmers.

The farmer who got helps from the government, Ahmad said that vertical dryer does really help the farmers to make the drying process faster maximally and it prolongs the storage of grain. Some farmers should keep their grain when it is cheap.

The farmers who have capital would keep MDG until it is better price in the market. This would be good for them. But those who do not much money are led to get kredit usaha rakyat as the capital to do the next planting because they depend on the MDG selling.

“But Bulog is needed to buy the farmers’ grain to solve the cheaper price in the market,” he said in Palembang, Monday (22/3/2021), as in the official statement to

For information, the potential crops in the province in March – April 2021 woulc cover 173.555 hectare withinn potential production reaching 863.437 tons MDG. In this massive crops, the grain selling price in some districts namely District of Banyuasin, Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI), and Ogan Ilir gets cheaper or less than harga pembelian pemerintah as it is in Regulation of Minister of Trade No. 24 / 2020 MDG in the three districts is about Rp 3.000 – Rp 3.500.

In other place, General Director of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi told that the government would be existing in the field to secure the paddy production both in the quality and quantity in the massive harvest. Ministry of Agriculture led by Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo wanted that every side should prepare the strategies to secure the production or rice stock nationally and so should the price in March – April 2021 by activating Komando Strategi Penggilingan Padi (Kostraling) that is in partnership with small milling and Bulog.

"Kostraling and Bulog are having the important roles to maintain the food availabiliyty, namely rice. It should be professionally managed to get successful outcome. But not only the two, RNI holding would also buy the farmers’ grain,” he said.

“One key is to strengthen more holistic synergy as the way to get breakthrough and describe every challenge,” he said.

In the previous, Gerakan Serap Gabah Petani (GSGP), Kostraling, regional govenrment, and Bulog did buy the grain from the farmers in Banten about 53.000 tons grain, in Yogyakarta about 74.775 tons, in Jambi about 8.000 tons, Lampung about 25.000 tons, Sragen about 17.580 tons, Karanganyar about 15.000 tons, Boyolali about 24.092 tons, Grobogan about 24.000 tons, Nganjuk about 26.592 tons, Maros about 2.000 tons, Barru about 500 tons, in Dompu would be about 45.892 tons, Sub district of Terisi District of Indramayu about 750 tons and some other districts. (A2)