Support Bulog to Buy the Farmers’ Grain in NTB and the Target 40.000 Tons

Support Bulog to Buy the Farmers’ Grain in NTB and the Target 40.000 Tons

25 March 2021 , 03:38 WIB, NTB - Ministry of Agriculture through Gerakan Serap Gabah Petani (GSGP) Team took Perusahaan Umum Badan Urusan Logistik (Perum Bulog) and Komando Strategi Penggilingan Padi (Kostraling) to escalate the farmers’ welfare by making agreement to buy grain/rice in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) Province. Perum Bulog would buy the rests of grain in March and April 2021 within profitable price for the farmers.

General Directorate of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture which is in charge to GSGP in NTB, Director of Food Plantation Protection, Mohammad Takdir Mulyadi told that Perum Bulog could save the harvest to fulfill the food backup of the government and help the farmers to stabilize the grain price in the massive harvest through the partners of Perum Bulog.

It is regulated in Document of Minister of Agriculture No. 28/TP.100/M/03/2021 to buy the farmers’ grain in the massive harvest so that the farmers’ rice/grain would not be cheaper. “After the agreement, the partners of Perum Bulog should start buying the grain as the regulation. Besides, the groups or joint groups should maximize the helps from the government, such as, dryer to make the grain in better quality,” he said in the ‘Rakor Serapan Gabah’ in Lombok Timur.

In the same meeting, Chief of Perum Bulog in Lombok Timur representing the Chief of Perum Bulog of NTB, Zuhri Hanafi told that his side committed to buy the farmers’ grain as maximal as it could in this season. “Perum Bulog of NTB is ready to buy the grain for about 40.000 tons milled dry grain (MDG) or equal to 32.000 tons of rice or more. The numbers could be more if there would be less stocks in the provincial or national level,” he said, as in the official statement to

In the previous GSGP Team and Kostraling, regional government, and Perum Bulog did buy the farmers’ grain in Banten about 53.000 tons grain, in Yogyakarta about 74.775 tons, in Jambi about 8.000 tons, Lampung about 25.000 tons, Sragen about 17.580 tons, Karanganyar about 15.000 tons, Boyolali about 24.092 tons, Grobogan about 24.000 tons, Nganjuk about 26.592 tons, Maros about 2.000 tons, Barru about 500 tons, in South Sumatera about 95.455 tons, in Sub district of Terisi District of Indramayu about 750 tons and some other districts.

General Director of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi told that his side would optimally handle the harvest and post-harvest to maintain that farmers’ the grain/rice could be profitable and accelerate the second planting season. Based on the data from Central Bureau of Statistic, the areas to harvest in March 2021 would cover 1,63 million hectares and in April it would be 1,67 million hectares, Kostraling should optimally work to buy the farmers’ grain/rice.

“Just like what Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo told, Kostraling is like the small Bulog. This means to maximize the farmers’ grain/rice buying to be distributed to Bulog. This is the good synergy in Ministry of Agriculture that Perpadi and Bulog are in,” he said.

He also confirmed that the massive harvests in the early of 2021 would be profitable for the farmers and the stock of rice would be available by helping the farmers to produce qualified rice/grain. Ministry of Agriculture would support by giving helps, such as, combine harvester, dryer, and rice milling units. (A2)