Want to Cultivate Porang, Governor of North Kalimantan Visited Sidrap

Want to Cultivate Porang, Governor of North Kalimantan Visited Sidrap

25 March 2021 , 06:36 WIB

Agricom.id, SIDRAP – Governor of North Kalimantan, Zainal Arifin Paliwang visited porang plantation of PT. Alfatih Porang Indonesia in Sub district of Wattang Sidenreng, District of Sidrap (20/03).

It was about to know and see porang cultivation that millennial group developed by Vice Chairman Legislators of North Sulawesi, Syaharuddin Alrif, cultivates. The retired one – star general said that porang is the good commodity to export.

“I did know from social media that porang grows well in Sidrap. That is why we came here and see the porang in person in Sidrap. This is extraordinary,” he said, as in the official statement to Agricom.id.

He also mentioned that his side would develop porang. We learned in Sidrap as the pioneer. "It is clear that developing porang would be good for we have wide areas. This is the commodity to export. In addition, Minister of Agriculture did visit here,” he said.

Porang or in Latin called Amorphophallus muelleri Blume has been the trend lately and many countries do want it. Until now porang is almost planted and developed in 20.000 hectares in Indonesia and could be more. It has been exported to 16 countries, such as, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar, and Vietnam in the forms of chips, flour, and others to get added values.

General Director of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi told that porang is one developing commodity now. In 2020, the exports reached 20,5 thousand tons or about Rp 821 billion. The numbers were increased 8,9 thousand tons compared in 2019 which reached 11,7 thousand tons.

The biggest exports were from East Java for about 81% of the total exports nationally in 2020, the others were from Central Java, North Sumatera, and Sulawesi. It is now exported in chips/ powder. The government forbids to exports in the form of tubers to protect the plasma farmers.

He also mentioned that in this year, Ministry of Agriculture has the program to cultivate porang that covers 100 hectares to export. In the previous, the helps from Ministry of Agriculture in 2020 covered 17 thousand hectares.

Suwandi did hope that the agricultural exports would be increasing and the local products could be sold. This should be sustainable and increasing the quality and quantity. (A2)