Ministry of Agriculture and Mobile Brigade Are Ready to Secure the Food Nationally

Ministry of Agriculture and Mobile Brigade Are Ready to Secure the Food Nationally

26 March 2021 , 04:37 WIB, DEPOK – Commandant of Mobile Brigade Police Department of South Sulawesi, Kombes Pol. Muhammad Anis encouraged what Ministry of Agriculture is doing to increase the food security nationally by advantaging the abandoned areas and procuring superior and qualified vegetable and corn seeds.

“The program would involve Mobile Brigade unit of Indonesian Police. We do also report that we have creative breakthrough that we are developing 500 hectares as the kampung sayur,” Anis said when attending Rakernis Korbrimob Polri within the theme ‘Strategi Kementerian Pertanian dengan Korbrimob Polri untuk Mewujudkan Kedaulatan Pangan dalam Mendukung Program Ketahanan Pangan Nasional’ at Gedung Satya Haprabu, Korbrimob Polri, Kelapa Dua Depok, West Java, Wednesday (24/3/2021) as in the official statement to

He also mentioned that the creative village or kampung kreatif where the people are involved in now gives advantages, such as, it could supply 1 tons of vegetables for the needs when the earth quake hit West Sulawesi last year.

“Until now it still runs by giving donation to orphanage both in Gowa, Takalar, and Makassar. We could do this because we got increasing production and we successfully produce organic fertilizers that we process from the waste,” he said.

Commandant of Bantek Gegana Korps Brimob Kelapa Dua Mabes Polri, Kombes Pol Dadang Raharja said that until now his officers are trained to farming to strengthen the security and independency of food system nationally. More than that Mobilie Brigade prepared some strategies, such as, providing work in agricultural sectors.

“The first is from the strategy of Minister of Agriculture that involves Mobile Brigade. This is very fantastic because we have concepts to advantage the abandoned areas and provide work for the unemployment. Alhamdulillah we hit the targets so far. None is waste. Everything is well processed,” he said.

Knowing this, Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) told that in the very short time his side is ready to make the same training to prepare food needs nationally.

“I do agree that we should execute the training, namely for Babinkamtibmas and Mobile Brigade. Please it needs schedule. After that we would prepare that Mobile Brigade officers could use kredit usaha rakyat as their capital to develop their business,” he said.

He also suggested that the Mobile Brigade officers could monitor and supervise the corn planting in the abandoned areas. He thought that the corn planting is easier than paddy planting which needs longer process.

“One good option of mine that Mobile Brigade officers could cultivate is corn because it is about to sow in the critical areas. After that you just wait to harvest. It is that simple. Then we would green-house as the modern agriculture,” SYL mentioned. (A2)