Indonesia is the Third Rank of The Biggest Rice Producer in the World

Indonesia is the Third Rank of The Biggest Rice Producer in the World

27 March 2021 , 06:51 WIB, JAKARTA – Since the last three years based on Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the rice production from Indonesia significantly increased reaching 54,65 million tons in 2020. The numbers made Indonesia as the third biggest rice producer in the world.

On the other hand, Indonesia is the biggest rice consumer whole over the world. At least, 270 million citizens of Indonesia depend on rice as the main commodity though some others depend on other local foods.

Referring to official data from Central Bureau of Statistic, rice production in 2020 increased 0,05 million tons or 0,08 percent within the areas covering 10,66 million hectares nationally. Paddy production in the year reached 54,65 million tons of milled dry grain (MDG). In 2019 the rice production reached 54,60 million tons. It means the production increased 45,17 thousand tons nationally.

If conversed to rice consumption, in 2020 it reached 31,33 million tons or increased 21,46 thousand tons or 0,07 percent compared to 2019 which reached 31,31 million tons.

As in the official statement to, referring to FAO, China is the first biggest rice producer with 214 million tons. The second was India within 172 million tons of rice production.

Knowing this, General Director of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi mentioned that the biggest provinces producing rice in Indonesia are in Java, such as, Central Java, East Java, West Java, and South Sulawesi. The four provinces have more than 1 million hectares to harvest within production more than 5 million tons of rice.

East Java within harvest areas about 1.754.380 hectares produced paddy about 9.944.538 tons of MDG or equal to 5.712.597 tons of rice. The province substituted Central Java which was in the first rank within harvest areas covering 1.666.931 hectares and 9.489.165 tons of MDG or equal to 5.428.721 tons of rice.

The third is West Java within harvest areas covering 1.586.889 hectares and 9.016.773 tons of MDG or equal to 5.180.202 tons of rice. The fourth rank is South Sulawesi within harvest areas covering 976.258 hectares and 4.708.465 tons MDG or equal to 2.687.970 tons of rice.

But, he continued, the government keeps doing breakthrough, such as, the planting of superior seeds, the good agricultural practices, the efficient input of free-residue rice, integrated farming to zero waste, increasing planting index, and expanding new area to plant.

He hoped that everything done would increase the paddy harvest in 2021. Every cultivation would be executed in mechanism and by modern tools. (A2)