SYL: Porang is the Crown

SYL: Porang is the Crown

27 March 2021 , 06:51 WIB, BOGOR – Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) did inaugurated talkshow about porang that would be potentially exported from agricultural products nationally. It was held in auditorium Puslitbangtan, Cimanggu, Bogor, West Java Province. Head of Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian, Fadjri Djufri; some who plant porang from other regions did attend it.

“I need to tell that the discussion about porang is essential for the nation. We have the same responsibility to present the better life in agriculture,” SYL said, Thursday (25/2/2021) as in the official statement to

He also mentioned that porang is now developing because many want it to be exported for cosmetics, such as, lipstick, and it is good for body immunity.

“It is no question if I tell you, porang is the crown. Imangine if in the last 15 years, our exports were more than 15,4 percent. Porang was highly exported and 13 countries are in line to get it from our country, such as, China, Vietnam, Philippine, and others. It means that discussion about porang is about future,” he said.

To increase porang production, he continued, his side has prepared 5 ways to act or known as 5 cara bertindak (CB). CB 1, SYL explained, is about to develop the production; CB 2 is about the local food; CB 3 is to strengthen the food and logistic system; CB 4 is about to develop the modern agriculture; and CB 5 is about to triple the exports.

He thought that every CB is executed by extraordinary system, full of confidence and optimism to realize the outstanding agriculture in Indonesia.

“The agriculture is right before our eyes. We have 270 million citizens who know about agriculture. We need to prepare the management because one thing should exist is food,” he said.

Head of Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian Ministry of Agriculture, Fadjri Djufri mentioned that the government has prepared modern technology to accommodate the porang production from the upstream to downstream industries.

“We have released Porang Madiun 1 successfully, we are identifying and observing other superior porang. Alhamdulilah we found the right formula to accelerate better porang. In this year, our target is we would have 10 million seeds of porang and we would take the regional government, the private, and others (to realize it),” he said.

In the days to go, he admitted to prepare the post production cultivation system, such as, to process porang to be flour or chips. “If it is processed, there would be additional values. We are now preparing it,” he said. (A2)