The Harvest in Jepara, Kostraling, Ministry of Agriculture, Bulog Absorbed the Farmers’ Grain about 20.000 Tons

The Harvest in Jepara, Kostraling, Ministry of Agriculture, Bulog Absorbed the Farmers’ Grain about 20.000 Tons

29 March 2021 , 06:45 WIB, JEPARA - Ministry of Agriculture through Komando Strategi Pembangunan Pertanian (Kostratani) in the synergy with Perusahaan Umum Badan Urusan Logistik (Perum Bulog), regional government, the banks, Army, and Police did absorb the farmer’s grain in District of Jepara, Central Java to make the grain price stable in the massive harvest. As the result, based on memorandum of understanding, Komando Strategi Penggilingan Padi (Kostraling), Perum Bulog, BN, and BRI agreed to absorb the farmers’ harvests in March-April 2021 for about 20.000 tons of milled dry grain (MDG).

The man in charge of Gerakan Serap Gabah Petani (GSGP) Team of Ministry of Agriculture, Warjito told that this would be running based on the quality standard in Regulation of Minister of Trade No. 24 / 2020 about Harga Pembelian Pemerintah (HPP) and the quality condition in internal Bulog. Harvested dry grain (HDG) in the farmers should have water level 25 percent and it would be Rp 4.200 per kg. if the HDG has 25 percent of water level in the milling, it would be Rp 4.250 per kg, Milled dry grain (MDG) within 14 percent of the water level in the milling would be Rp 5.250 per kg, MDG within 14 percent of water level in the Bulog storage would be Rp 5.300 per kg and the rice within 14 percent of water level would be Rp 8.300 per kg.

“In the grain absorption, BRI and BNI would prepare kredit usaha rakyat (KUR) to Kostraling to be used to handle the harvest, post-harvest, and integrated process. The Army and Police would supervise it to run optimally.,” he said in Jepara, Friday (26/3/2021), as in the official statement to

He also told that the technical implementation to absorb the farmers’ grain is that Kostraling that consists of Persatuan Pengusaha Penggilingan Padi dan Beras (Perpadi) would absorb the farmers’ grain and should be distributed to Perum Bulog.  This would make the grain not cheap or in the other words, the farmers would get luck.

“It should not be cheaper than harga pembelian pemerintah. Ministry of Agriculture and its partners would keep working with the farmers,” he said.

In other place, General Director of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi told that just like Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo told, GSGP Team of Ministry of Agriculture is committed to increase the productivity, absorb the grain to guarantee the rice stock nationally, stabilize the price in the massive harvest to give the farmers profit, and also do accelerate the second planting season. Based on the data from Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS), the areas to harvest in March 2021 would cover 1,63 million hectares and in April it would be 1,67 million hectares and the roles of Kostraling should be increasing to absorb it.

“Just like what Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo told, Kostraling is like the small Bulog. We would monitor it so that the farmers’ grain would not be cheaper and they could be better. This is what we hope,” he said.

He also emphasized that it would be running in many regions in Indonesia. To help the farmers produce the qualified grain/rice, Ministry of Agriculture would give helps, such as, harvest, post – harvest machines, combine harvester, dryer, and rice milling unit.

“By Kostraling, Ministry of Agriculture would help the milling units to increase the capacity of milling and the storages should be good that there would be no issue. We would confirm that in the massive harvest in the early of this year, it would be profitable to the farmers and the rice stocks are in good condition,” he said. (A2)