Ministry of Agriculture: The Chance to Rice Export

Ministry of Agriculture: The Chance to Rice Export

30 March 2021 , 06:43 WIB, JAKARTA – When the farmers are happy in the massive harvest in their regions, Ministry of Agriculture released the data that rice exports would be the big chance for them within the good price to many countries.

Chief of Public Relation and Information Ministry of Agriculture, Kuntoro Boga Andri told that many countries want our local rice. At least, since 2017, Indonesia has exported 2.100 tons of rice to five countries, such as, Netherland, United States of America, Malaysia, Belgium, and Bangladesh.

“Data from IQFAST Badan Karantina Pertanian gathered from our ports, the rice demands to exports were high enough,” he said in Jakarta, Sunday (28/3/2021), as in the official statement to

The imports were about 1.400 in 2018 to 14 countries including Japan, Vietnam, and China.

“The demands of the premium quality or special rice are widely open because the needs of organic rice from Asia to the hotel and café are good enough,” he said.

He also mentioned that in 2019 the export volume hit 230,2 tons and in 2020 it reached 341,1 tons.

“It decreased in volume namely in 2020 because of Covid-19 but the numbers of the countries got more. We have to get the chance,” Kuntoro said.

If we could do it and many countries operate their port like before Covid-19, he believed that the chance would be wider. There is no issue about the agriculture and productivity knowing that Indonesia still has many regions to plant rice. It is about the cultivation and particular seeds only.

“We believe that our rice exports to many countries would be widely opening and we could fulfill the domestic needs. Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo told to increase the additional value and exports. It is about to maximize the potential,” he said. (A2)