The People Are Enthusiastic, P2L in North Jakarta Gets Wider

The People Are Enthusiastic, P2L in North Jakarta Gets Wider

30 March 2021 , 06:44 WIB

Agricom.i, JAKARTA – The Administration Government of North Jakarta through Chief of Food Security, Marine, and Agriculture Agency, Unang Rustanto encouraged smart farming through pekarangan pangan lestari (P2L) program proposed by Ministry of Agriculture.

He thought that the program has massive advantages, namely to reduce the numbers of stunting through the healthy and high nutrient food.

"P2L could escalate the food security in the family and reduce the stunting numbers. I think the program is very good,” he said, Sunday (28/3/2021) as in the official statement to

He also told that there have been 4 sub districts of 10 locations that should implement the program, such as, Sub district of Cilincing, Tanjung Priok, Koja, and Kelapa Gading.

"We would keep developing it based on the budget. Alhamdulillah in North Jakarta, it is faster than it in other regions,” he said.

In North Jakarta, there have been groups doing smart farming. One group has about 32 men to develop the city agriculture to other regions.

“We would multiply what they need of in order to implement P2L program to many regions and increase our food security in the housing. Alhamdulillah the people are enthusiastic to do urban farming," he said.

Unang also mentioned that urban farming in the office of mayor of North Jakarta gets wider by making hydroponic spot about 3 x 4 meter, paddy field about 100 meter, toga garden about 150 meter, horticultural vegetable area about 100 meter and fishing pool about 200 meter. "In the future there would be massive urban farming,” he said.

Knowing it, Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo told that P2L is one strategic plan of the government to maintain the food security in the family, namely in Covid-19 pandemic and in the drought.

“In the crisis just like Covid-19, agriculture is the answer to survive. It does not need massive areas. Just plant the yard well and everybody could do farming,” he said.

SYL also encouraged that every regional government, starting from the governor to the chief of village to advantage the yard as the source of healthy and nutrient food.

“I want that the regional leaders should advantage every yard in each house as the source of food in the family because the food security nationally starts from the family,” he said. (A2)