SYL: The Agricultural Potential in the Coastal Would Strengthen Sovereignty

SYL: The Agricultural Potential in the Coastal Would Strengthen Sovereignty

03 April 2021 , 06:14 WIB, JAKARTA – Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) emphasized that agricultural sectors has the big potential to be part of coastal ecosystem. Those who live in the coast could advantage non-rice food that could be processed in the land around the coast.

He thought that this is very possible to be developed because there are big numbers of resources and they who do not work as sailors as could be led to cultivate the agricultural areas.

“Agricultural sectors could be combined with fishery sectors and even tourism sectors. These are potential to be developed in a very long period and would realize sustainable food security,” SYL told in the public lecture of Pendidikan Reguler Seskoal Angkatan Ke-59 TA 2021, in Jakarta, Thursday (1/4/2021), as in the official statement to

He also mentioned that the national sovereignty is must to defend, and everyone should do it. Developing the coastal villages to support food security nationally is important to develop social, economy, culture, environment, and pillar of national sovereignty.

“Based on those, at this moment, from Ministry of Agriculture, we take you, dear sirs as ‘The Pamen” both from Army, Police, from our neighborhood countries, such as, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates to cooperate and realize National Food Security and in the world by making cooperation and development in the coastal regions,” SYL mentioned.

He also emphasized that Ministry of Agriculture has some specific programs in the coastal that could be in synergy in the future. Relating to maintain food security during Covid-19 pandemic, Ministry of Agriculture has taken the valuable lesson from it.

“Through the breakthrough of ‘the way to act’ that we previously described, the outcome showed that economic indicators showed the positive in agriculture when other sectors were in contraction. In 2020, the agriculture showed the positive results,” SYL told.

In the chance, Komandan Sekolah Komando Angkatan Laut (Seskoal), Laksamana Muda TNI Iwan Isnurwanto did appreciate the presence of SYL and hoped that the students studying there could implement everything when they are working soon. (A2)