Social Media of Ministry of Agriculture Got Award in PR Indonesia Award

Social Media of Ministry of Agriculture Got Award in PR Indonesia Award

05 April 2021 , 06:15 WIB, JAKARTA - Ministry of Agriculture got Silver Winner in Public Relation Indonesia Award (PRIA) 2021 in Media Social sub criteria in the most comprehensive public relation held by PR Indonesia since 2016. PRIA has become the barometer of communication issue for corporate/organization.

Chief of Public Relation and Information Ministry of Agriculture, Kuntoro Boga Andri was happy and thanked the award from Public Relation (PR) Indonesia to the social media of Ministry of Agriculture. He said that the award would be the trigger to do more maximal.

“We do hope, the award could trigger the social media management in Ministry of Agriculture to be more optimal. This is the measure, achievement, and challenge to be increased more,” he said, when seeing the award announcement of The 6th PRIA through live streaming in youtube PR Indonesia Magazine, as in the official statement to by the end of March 2021.

He thought that public relation in the government institutions is strategic and social media has become the potential channel of communication. He also said that the award happens not in a split of second. It is the hard work, persistency, and support from every team of social media in Ministry of Agriculture led by Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo.

“The award is the same appreciation and spirit for us to increase the work in public relation in Ministry of Agriculture. We would do the best to disseminate the policy and program to be informed widely and equally to the people,” he said.

In the official written statement, Founder and CEO PR Indonesia Group, Asmono Wikan told, PRIA 2021 is the evidence that the limit because of Covid-19 pandemic never weaken the spirit of the participants to do much and join the event. There were 124 instances, government institution, corporates joining the event. The total reached 599 entri, or higher than those in last year reaching, 543 entri.

“The is the good one. The competition in PRIA could be the witness that many creativities in PR program raised in one year of pandemic,” he said.

For information, PR is one organizer about public relation. PRIA is part of the commitment of PR Indonesia to appreciate and respect the work of public relation in the corporate, ministry, institution, and regional government in Indonesia. PRIA reflects the high achievement of communication work in organization/corporate. (A2)