Soybean Price in the World Gets More Expensive: Tahu and Tempe are Stable Nationally

Soybean Price in the World Gets More Expensive: Tahu and Tempe are Stable Nationally

06 April 2021 , 06:48 WIB, JAKARTA – General Director of Internal Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade, Syailendra emphasized that the government is in cooperation with other stakeholders to keep the imported soybean in tahu and tempe producers remain at Rp 9.750 — Rp 9.900/kg and the in the importer storage at Rp 9.200 — Rp 9.300/kg. It means, tahu is relatively stable at Rp 650/piece and tempe is at Rp 16.000/kg.

“Though the soybean is a little bit increasing, Ministry of Trade guaranteed that the soybean stocks in April 2021 are enough to fulfill the needs in tahu and tempe producers nationally and they are stable and economic,” he said, as in the official statement to

Data from Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) revealed that the soybean to the stocks in April 2021 is about USD 14,33/bushels. It is increasing about 3,69 percent from the March 2021 stocks which reached USD 13,82/bushels. But it is hoped that it would be decreasing in the next period.

“Soybean price in tahu and tempe producer is the effect of the world price which has been running since in the midst of last year until now,” he said.

Ministry of Trade would keep monitoring and evaluating the price of soybean in the world, both when it gets cheaper of more expensive. It is about to assure that the soybean price in both producers and in the markets are economics.

Syailendra also suggested that the importers that have soybean stocks should supply regularly to the producers, including the members of Gabungan Koperasi Tahu Tempe Indonesia (Gakoptindo), both in the Pusat Koperasi Tempe Indonesia in the province and Koperasi Tempe Indonesia in the district/city whole over Indonesia.

“We do hope that the production of tahu and tempe would keep running and the people could eat within economic price,” he said. (A2)