Ministry of Agriculture Proposed to Improve the Subsidized Fertilizer Distribution to Legislators

Ministry of Agriculture Proposed to Improve the Subsidized Fertilizer Distribution to Legislators

07 April 2021 , 06:43 WIB, JAKARTA – General Director of Agricultural Infrastructure Ministry of Agriculture, Sarwo Edhie proposed three important things to regulate the distribution schemes in subsidized fertilizers next year. He told that in the hearing and meeting about taskforce with Commission IV Indonesian Legislators, Monday (5/4/2021).

The first proposal is, he continued, that the subsidized fertilizers would be used to some certain commodities, such as, paddy, corn, and soybean. The second is that the subsidized fertilizers should be focused to urea, nitrogen, pospor, kalium (NPK) or with organic ones.

"The third is that the areas to get subsidized fertilizers would be for one hectare only. If the allocation of subsidized fertilizers covers 9 million hectares for maximally 2 hectares, perhaps, if the area covers one hectare only, there would be double (numbers to get the fertilizers). Something like that,” he said, as in the official statement to

General Director of Food Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi told that the distribution of fertilizer runs well so far. If seen from the production outcome in the planting season of 2020, the production increased significantly.

“From our data, the rice production in the planting season of 2020 increased,” he said.

Head of Badan Penyuluhan dan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia Pertanian (BPPSDMP) Ministry of Agriculture, Dedi Nursyamsi told that the data who would get the fertilizers is the same with elektronik rencana definitif kebutuhan kelompok (e-RDKK).

"It starts from the village level, then it goes to the sub district, after that the data in the sub district should be typed and validated by ID numbers that we got from General Directorate of Citizen and Civil Documents Ministry of Internal Affairs. It means that those who would get the fertilizers are right on target,” he said.

Dedi also told that the data validation based on e-RDKK was directly helped by the counselors and groups in each region. The procurement, the distribution, and the monitoring system could be done by the people themselves.

“I want to tell that the point is the counselors and the groups from the lower level to arrange RDKK and it is followed up to the agriculture agency in the district/city, then to the province, then to Ministry of Agriculture," he said.

Deputy in Food and Agribusiness Coordination Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Musdalifah Machmud told that in the future, her side would increase the coordination with Ministry of Internal Affairs to complete the data for those who would get the subsidized fertilizers based on the policy.

“We keep improving and we are communicating with Ministry of Internal Affairs to make the data starting from the sub district until the regional government,” she said.

Knowing this, Vice Chairman of Commission IV Indonesian Legislators, Dedi Mulyadi told that for all these years, the issue in fertilizer is that the regional governments were difficult to make decision.

“The trouble is that the governors’ decisions were never published. Please, eliminate such structure because the data is available in the General Directorate of Food. It means, there should be no more long bureaucracy,” he said. (A2)