The Farmers Got the Development from Ministry of Agriculture in Food Estate Program

The Farmers Got the Development from Ministry of Agriculture in Food Estate Program

08 April 2021 , 06:24 WIB, CENTRAL KALIMANTAN – The farmers in food estate regions - Klaster 7 and 8, District of Kapuas, Central Kalimantan Province thanked for the production infrastructures and development given by Ministry of Agriculture, expanding the areas, and developing the institutional system.

Chairman of Gapoktan Bersama Klaster 7 and 8 in Village of Dadahup, Tri Suparwanto told that the helps and development directly improve their economy and the people around. About 180 farmers and other stakeholders hold the same cooperation share in the food estate in Central Kalimantan.

"We are developed by Ministry of Agriculture to make farmers’ cooperation. 180 shareholders are in Klaster 7 and 427 shareholders are in Klaster 8. We do hope to get the leads to continue the corporate,” he said, as in the official statement to

Tri also thought, the farmers significantly expand the areas. The groups could cultivate about 420 hectares in the average from the previous cultivation which covered 200 hectares. From what he knew, they could produce 6 tons of paddy per hectare.

“We are very happy and hope that this program is sustainable. We got lots of helps from Ministry of Agriculture both in production and agricultural tools. One thing for sure, the production process is cheaper and we have good results,” Tri said.

Besides in the form of grain, he continued, the farmers in food estate also get other luck for the stocks of rice are always available both for the family or sold to other villages.

“I know that we were lack of rice but now we are in surplus. The farmers could even sell it to other villages. The rice production in food estate increases and even surplus,” he said. (A2)