SYL: Sustainable Research and Innovation – The Basic of Agricultural Development

SYL: Sustainable Research and Innovation – The Basic of Agricultural Development

12 April 2021 , 06:18 WIB, SLOK - Ministry of Agriculture through Balai Penelitian Buah (Balitbu) Tropika did Expose Inovasi Buah Tropika which was officially inaugurated by Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL), Friday (9/4/2021). It was one agenda to accelerate the technology innovation of fruit plantation in the downstream sector for other agricultural stakeholders.

SYL thought, agricultural sectors would be better if the sustainable research and innovation support.

“President clearly told, the agricultural development in the future should be based on the research and technology. And I do appreciate the works of our researchers that found, create the superior varieties,” he said, as in the official statement to

Balitbu Tropika is one technical unit of research and development that has kinds of fruit plantations in 6 experimental gardens.

Head of Litbang Pertanian, Fadjri Jufri said that one duty of Balitbu Tropika is to develop the prior and superior commodity within the goal, to help and welfare the farmers.

"Since 2017, Balitbu Tropika has been distributing seeds, both the seed source and seed spread of planation about 1.000.000 seeds to many regions in Indonesia freely," he said.

In the event, SYL also distributed 10.000 net culture banana seeds which consisted of four varieties, such as, Kepok Tanjung, Ameh Pasaman, Raja Kinalun, and Barangan.

Pisang Kepok Tanjung, Fadjri continued, is one innovation of Balitbangtan within high productivity, and could be free from bacteria that causes the leaves fall down.

"The derivative products are potential to export, namely Japan,” he said.

SYL did hope that the help given could be the stimulant to make Solok as one region providing source of food.

“I want to know that in the future there would be special region to develop banana, one region to develop mango, and others. That is why, Solok should cooperate with others, develop corporate, and Ministry of Agriculture would be ready to back up," he said. (A2)