P2L: Microgreen Is Good to Cultivate Edible Flower

P2L: Microgreen Is Good to Cultivate Edible Flower

19 April 2021 , 06:39 WIB

Agricom.id, JAKARTA - Ministry of Agriculture encouraged to realize food security national through pekarangan pangan lestari (P2L) program. It could be the solution to fulfill the food in the family which is healthy and full of good nutrients to reduce the stunting.

Head of Badan Ketahanan Pangan (BKP), Agung Hendriadi thought that P2L is one way of manifestation to make the food security better. It covers three aspects, such as, empowering the food availability, food accessibility, and food advantage.

“We do encourage the people to take advantage of the yard as source of diverse, balance, and safe food to reduce the numbers of stunting. It would depend on how we empower the food advantage,” he said.

He also mentioned that in this pandemic, the people themselves should produce the food from their yards and multiply the income for their family.

Researcher of Research and Development Agency Ministry of Agriculture, Indarti Puji Lestari said that P2L could start from knowing the good ways and right media to plant, such as, by implementing microgreen concept.

“The cultivation in microgreen is mostly done in a room by using lights and hydroponic media. This would influence the quality nutrition of the seeds,” she said in webinar of Berkebun di Era New Normal Covid-19, Thursday (15/4/2021), as in the official statement to Agricom.id.

Indarti also mentioned that the planting in microgreen has advantages, such as, the harvest would be faster, it needs less water, no influence to the climate, small space, and would have higher fertility.

“The new product could be harvested in 7 – 14 days after planted. The first leaf would come up. From that, the look would be smaller, teasing, and full of color. After that, there would be new sensation and the nutrients would be higher,” she said.

In the same webinar, the actor and planter of edible flower, Eva Lasti Apriyani Madarona told that microgreen is the good concept to develop artificial plantation business because the people could consume it.

"Edible flower can be eaten. It has no poison. It could develop without pesticides and chemical ingredients. This is the good business and the same with microgreen concept,” she said.

In brief Eva mentioned that edible flower has kinds of advantage, namely for the health, for instance, it has lots of fibers, good colors for dioxide. It means that edible flower is good for digestion issues, cough, inflammation, bladder, and could make smooth skin.

“We should not randomly eat edible flower by only picking it up from the street because it is susceptibly hit by chemical ingredients from the smoke of the cars and dust. There should be good concept of planting too,” she said.

Eva also mentioned that edible flower has the big potential as the promising business to do and has the clear markets. In addition, there are many restaurants and hotels opening access to buy it in big demands.

“Edible flower has the big chance to do business. We could sell the flower, the seeds, we also could process it as pudding, cakes, and others. The point is that others know what we have,” she said. (A2)