Paddy Crops in Food Estate, Governor of NTT Proved the New Civilization

Paddy Crops in Food Estate, Governor of NTT Proved the New Civilization

20 April 2021 , 06:28 WIB, SUMBA TENGAH – Governor of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat and Regent of Sumba Tengah, Paulus Limu ,Vice Regent of Sumba Tengah, and Regent in duty of Sumba Barat did paddy crops in food estate area in Village of Wailawa, Sub district of Katikutana Selatan, District Sumba Tengah.

The program designed by Ministry of Agriculture in 2020 showed the good results. Governor Laiskodat told that the success of food estate proved that there would be new civilization of agriculture in NTT.

“After facing issues to decide Sumba Tengah as the location of food estate, we could see that the results showed the real change of integrated agricultural civilization in NTT. It started from Sumba Tengah led by the regent and vice regent; Paulus  Limu and Daniel Landa,“ Laiskodat said, as in the official statement to

The two persons could take the people to get welfare. “They are smart, caring, brave to take chance for the welfare of the people,” he said.

The paddy harvest was symbolically done in a 3.000 hectare – field by using combine in Village of Wailawa, Sub district of Katikutana Selatan, District Sumba Tengah, Thursday (15/4/2021) and the hybrid corn was symbolically planted in a 260 hectare – are in Village of Dasaelu.

Laiskodat also targeted that in 2022, there would be planting expansion for Tanam Jagung Panen Sapi (TJPS) and food estate program in Sumba. “Next year in Sumba we would develop more to plant agriculture which paddy, corn, and others are integrated. In Sumba Tengah, if in this year we develop 5000 hectares, next year, it would be 10.000 hectares; Sumba Timur would be 10.000 hectares; Sumba Barat would be 3.000 hectares; Sumba Barat Daya would be 5.000 hectares. We are supported by Police and Army,” he mentioned.

He also mentioned that the people of NTT should be grateful. “The moment is a miracle for the God gives us an amazing president. We should pray so that he is in good health and be wise to lead our country,” he said.

In the same spot, Regent of Sumba Tengah, Paulus Limu told that the governor is really committed to determine every program that District of Sumba Tengah runs. “If the governor came by to ke Sumba Tengah, he would be smiling. But now he is sad because of the disaster in some regions in NTT. But we tried to give news by planting corn in 260 hectares and harvest paddy from 3000 hectares symbolically,” Paulus said.

In the same chance, Head of Agriculture and Food Security Agency NTT Province, Lecky F. Koli told the positive impact from the same planting and planting index. “By the approach in food estate, the bonded system is no longer available. The food is available immediately, it gets faster to get because of the modern tools from the upstream to downstream sectors. We would like to tell that we are targeting 300 planting index which means, planting 3 (three) times in a year (paddy – corn – bean or paddy – corn – corn),” Lecky told.

In other place, General Director of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi did appreciate the successful harvest in Sumba Tengah. "This would make source of food in Sumba Tengah and we could mobilize the economy in the region,” he said.

He also thought, if the average harvest could produce 4 tons per hectare, there would be 12 thousand tons of grain in one region. “By the food estate in District Sumba Tengah, it would be having rice surplus to supply other regions and automatically would increase the farmers’ income,” he said.

What Ministry of Agriculture does is the same with what Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo told to support and increase the farmers’ welfare with the programs proposed by the ministry. (A2)