Commission IV Urged Goverment to Describe the Distribution Mechanism of Subsidized Fertilizers

Commission IV Urged Goverment to Describe the Distribution Mechanism of Subsidized Fertilizers

21 April 2021 , 06:33 WIB, JAKARTA – The member of Commission IV Indonesian Legislators, Slamet Aryadi urged Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Enterprises to describe the function and job desk of related ministry about the distribution mechanism of subsidized fertilizers.

He thought that the public does not understand what the government should do to fulfill the farmers’ needs.

“One thing to do is the coordination between Commission IV and Commission VI Indonesian Legislators. It needs to coordinate so that the people know that the fertilizer issues are not the responsibility of Ministry of Agriculture only but also Ministry of Enterprises and Ministry of Finance,” he said, Monday (19/4/2021), as in the official statement to

He also mentioned that for all these years, what people understand is that Ministry of Agriculture is in charge to face the fertilizer issues. As a matter of fact, PT Pupuk Indonesia managed by Ministry of Enterprises is in charge to the production and Ministry of Finance is in charge to the budget.

"Ministry of Agriculture just prepares the farmers on target through elektronik rencana definitif kebutuhan kelompok (e-RDKK)," he said.

In other place, the politician in Indonesian Legislators, Irma Suryani Chaniago also told, many ministries are in charge about subsidized fertilizer issues. This would also lead the people to understand about the availability.

“I know that there is misinterpretation about the responsibility of subsidized fertilizers. It seems that Ministry of Agriculture is in charge but there are three ministries involved in it, they are, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Enterprises, and Ministry of Finance,” she said.

Besides, she continued, the distribution of subsidized fertilizers involves the regional governments, such as, the province, district, and city. It needs to know that there should be no misperception about this anymore.

“The public needs to know that the subsidized fertilizers are managed by three ministries. If fertilizers have issues, it is no need to blame Ministry of Agriculture but it needs to see the function of the other two ministries,” she told. (A2)