To Control Plant Pests, Ministry of Agriculture Urged in Environmental Ways

To Control Plant Pests, Ministry of Agriculture Urged in Environmental Ways

21 April 2021 , 06:34 WIB, BOYOLALI - Ministry of Agriculture does many to anticipate plant to maintain the food stocks nationally namely in Covid-19 pandemic like now. One thing to do is by paddy control or gerakan pengendalian (Gerdal) padi which is in labor intensive in many provinces in Indonesia.

“The goals are about to maintain the production and help the farmers to control plant pests in their areas namely paddy,” Director of Food Plantation Protection General Directorate of Food Plantaton Ministry of Agriculture,  Mohammad Takdir Mulyadi said in Village of Klumpit, Sub district of Karanggede, District of Boyolali, Central Java Province (8/4).

He thought, the labor - intensive control takes place in some paddy centers in Indonesia, such as, in District of Boyolali and Semarang. Together with the officers of Balai Proteksi Tanaman Pangan dan Hortikultura Central Java Province, he controlled in two different locations.

The first was in the areas of Kelompok Tani (Poktan) Sumber Rejeki 1 in Village of Klumpit, Sub district of Karanggede, District of Boyolali. He did control the pest ‘blas’ (patah leher). After control it, he and his team did go to the second location in Village of Kebowan, Sub district of Suruh, District of Semarang to control the pest ‘walang sangit’ and grasshopper.

Alhamdulilah the control run well and the most important thing is that we use environmental products, such as, environmental control agent or agen pengendali hayati (APH),” Takdir said. It happened for the low attack but told to the farmers that they could be intensively monitoring their plants and if they find the pest attack, they could report to the control officers to handle.

Apply Environmental Agent/APH

Coordinator of Plant Control Officer, Toni told that using the environmental agent to prevent the pests could be easily bought and it is cheap. At least, it would not burdent the farmers.

“The ‘blas’ which attacks the plants in Village of Klumpit is small in number still and it could be preventively done by using environmental agents - Geobacillus sp. and Streptomyces sp. as the materials

In the second location, the plant control officer in Sub district of Suruh, Yulianto, told, the attack of ‘walang sangit’ and grasshopper is under control. He used the preventive ways by using the environmental agents - cendawan antagonis Beauveria bassiana. Yulianto mentioned that it is more effective and cheaper. It is environmental and not dangerous to man.

The Support of Environmental Agents

To support the environmental agent use namely in Central Java Province, BPTPH Central Java has LPHP (Laboratorium Pengamatan Hama dan Penyakit).

“We have 6 LPHP in this province, such as, LPHP Semarang, Pati, Banyumas, Pemalang, Sukoharjo, and Temanggung” Head of Balai Proteksi Tanaman Pangan dan Hortikultura, Central Java Province, Herawati Prarastyani said.

LPHP regularly develops and multiplies environmental agents, such as, Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium sp., Paenybacillus sp. and others. The farmers applied t them.

For having many stocks in the province, she hoped that the farmers prioritize using environmental agents than using chemical ones because there are many negative effects using the chemical to man if using in lots of numbers.

In other place, General Director of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi told to support environmental agent use and develop innovation in agriculture. “Just like Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo hoped, every officer in the ministry from the central to regional governments should be together to secure the food production from the plant pests by applying the smart, safe, effective, and efficient ways,” he said.

He also told, the farmers should not be reluctant to tell if theirs are attacked by plant pest to the officers or counselors to minimize the loss of the attacks. (A2)