To Stabilize the Grain Price, Ministry of Agriculture Held The Meeting

To Stabilize the Grain Price, Ministry of Agriculture Held The Meeting

22 April 2021 , 06:45 WIB, JAKARTA – Ministry of Agriculture does many things to increase the rice production and now it is in surplus. The success runs as same as the way of government to absorb or buy the farmers’ grain to stabilize the supply and harvested dry grain (HDG) price both in the consumers and producers’ level in order not to be cheaper or loss for the farmers.

“We could increase the agricultural productivity outcome as the target to prepare the food security nationally. President Joko Widodo himself told, the agriculture is the only sector highly contributes to gross domestic product nationally,” Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) told in the meeting with heads of agriculture agency in the province and district from Indonesia, stakeholders, and banks which was virtually held in the Agricultural War Room, head quarter of Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta, (20/4), as in the official statement to

SYL thought, one characteristic of the successful increasing productivity is the dynamic price. That is why, Ministry of Agriculture as the delegation of the government has its duty to maintain, stabilize the price, namely paddy by implementing harga pembelian pemerintah (HPP) decided by Regulation of Minister of Trade No. 24/2020, which is, Rp 4.200 per kilogram (kg).

The data from General Directorate of Food Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, it is revealed that on 3 to 13 April 2021, 156 of 7000 sub districts in 77 districts had the dynamic price of grain in the farmers’ level.

“I do hope, we could solve the issue about grain price dynamic to be in the normal range though only some regions did have it,” he said.

He also continued that in this year and the next, the world would need rice from Indonesia because of the continuous climate change. It is predictable, some countries would have the issues about food and this would increase the price of rice. The storage or supply of rice should be re-activated both in the housing, district, and province scales through Perum Bulog.

“I would keep monitoring if there is issue in the districts. General directors should also monitor the price too. If the price has the issue, please tell it to me and report it to the officers if the price is speculated,” SYL emphasized.

General Director of Food Plantation, Suwandi told that Ministry of Agriculture and related stakeholders have done many too to buy and stabilize the farmers’ grain and price, for instance, by mapping the harvest areas and the price movement based on HPP (red, yellow, green), making serap gabah petani (SGP) team which consists of Komando Strategi Penggilingan (Kostraling), the bank, agriculture agency, food taskforce, army, police, RNI/Pertani, and Perum Bulog.

“We also arrange the targets to buy the grain in every district, make agreement to buy it with the groups or Kostraling. The GSP team would go to the field to buy it and do purchasing contract with the groups or Kostraling and the partners,” he said.

He also mentioned that just like Minister SYL told, the post-harvest handling is the main issue to respond paddy massive harvest well and the farmers would get the qualified grain and expensive price. That is why, Ministry of Agriculture gave the post-harvest helps to those joining groups and Kostraling.

"The help and kredit usaha rakyat (KUR) for dryer, mill, packaging, and storage have been provided so that the farmers could sell grain or rice when dry season comes in the next several months or when it is more than HPP,” Suwandi told. (A2)