Free of Charge: Online Strategy of Pasar Mitra Tani Ministry of Agriculture Does Ease the People

Free of Charge: Online Strategy of Pasar Mitra Tani Ministry of Agriculture Does Ease the People

22 April 2021 , 06:46 WIB, JAKARTA – Pandemic which still hits many regions reduces the economic activity physically, including the patter of food buying which now turns to be done online. Responding this, Badan Ketahanan Pangan (BKP) Ministry of Agriculture through Pasar Mitra Tani (PMT) in many regions in Indonesia encourage the digital economic system to that it would be easy for the people to get food access and would impact to the stable stock and price.

“Digitalization is important part of food distribution. Covid-19 pandemic makes the new ways of thinking and online markets are increasing. I do believe that this would be the important part in food delivery,” Head of BKP, Agung Hendriadi said, as in the official statement to

In other place, Head of Food Access and Distribution, Risfaheri, Tuesday (20/04/2021) told that PMT is in cooperation with many online applications to ease the people to get food namely in the Ramadhan days and heading to Idul fitri.

"By the online system, the daily needs would be easier and cheaper to get. In addition, the customers could take advantage on the free of charge to delivery if they buy in PMT in Bogor and Jakarta through Grab Mart," Risfaheri said.

Gelar Pangan Murah (GPM) online would be one action to secure the price and stock heading to the religious days of 2021.

“In many regions, we and food agency in the provinces regularly do GPM namely for the foods, such as, cayenne pepper which was expensive some time ago,” he said.

“GPM is not only in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek), but in every PMT in many regions,” he said.

In one last month, there were 149 GPM in 63 spots in Jabodetabek and more than 50 GPM in the provinces.

In the previous, Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo confirmed that the foods are in good condition and control heading to Idul fitri 2021. Agung Hendriadi also re-emphasized it on Tuesday (20/04/2021). From his written information, he told, the foods are in good condition and enough.

“We confirm that the foods are enough and in control heading to Idul Fitri. The people should not worry,” he said. (A2)