Boost SRP

Boost SRP

30 April 2021 , 06:12 WIB, JAKARTA - Director of Fund Distribution Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Edi Wibowo told, to support independent smallholders, one solution from the government is by implementing smallholders’ replanting program (SRP) massively to help improve their plantation productivity to be more sustainable, qualified, and minimize illegal the land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF).

But to get the fund support, the smallholders should have clear and clean status area and legal. “Independent smallholders that join in the program should have the legal status of area. If they do not have it, they cannot join and get the fund helps,” he said in Forum Group Discussion (FGD) Sawit Berkelanjutan Vol. 7 within the theme, “MENINGKATKAN PERANAN PETANI SAWIT RAKYAT MELALUI SUBSIDI REPLANTING DAN SUBSIDI SARANA PRASARANA”, Wednesday (28/4/2021) that PalmOilMagazine held.

The replanting program would increase the people’s plantation productivity to be about 10 tons of fresh fruit bunch (FFB) per hectare per year within density about 80 trees per hectare.

To confirm that the smallholders run sustainable practices, they should get Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate in the first harvest. “The replanting program implements sustainable principles which cover soil, conservation, environment, and institution,” he said.

Palm oil plantation infrastructure development is about to increase the production, productivity, quality which would cover the helps of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, post-harvest tools, the path in the plantations, the access to road or to the port, the transportation, agriculture tools, market infrastructure, verification, and technical traceability.

To encourage SRP, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) did meet Coordinator Ministry in Economy in September 2020 to accelerate SRP program.

IPOA also did cooperation with smallholders’ association to facilitate the groups, unions to be in partnership with the members of IPOA, coordinate with surveyors Indonesia to be in partnership with the groups/union in each branch/province.

“We do put data and progress in SRP from our members in each branch, did make SRP taskforce,” General Secretary of IPOA, Eddy Martono, said in Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Sawit Berkelanjutan Vol. 7, within the theme “MENINGKATKAN PERANAN PETANI SAWIT RAKYAT MELALUI SUBSIDI REPLANTING DAN SUBSIDI SARANA PRASARANA”, Wednesday (28/4/2021) which PalmOilMagazine held.

He also mentioned that the partnership with the smallholders would be in, the first, tissue development; the second, replanting contract; the third, avalist full commercial; and the fourth, cultivation operator.

But SRP would have some issues, such as, the way to continue cooperation with the main (companies) because some plasma smallholders finished their cooperation. This would take time to re-run or continue the partnership.

“Many smallholders may guarantee their land certificates to others. This is issue for the banks. The unions or coordinators of unions are not conducive yet.  Smallholders’ income when having replanting, the numbers or replanting, and the numbers of factories without plantations are the issues too,” he said. (A2)