In May 2021: CPO OF is US$ 144/MT and Cocoa Seeds is 5%

In May 2021: CPO OF is US$ 144/MT and Cocoa Seeds is 5%

03 May 2021 , 06:45 WIB, JAKARTA – Crude palm oil (CPO) reference price to decide Out Fee in May 2021 is US$ 1.110,68/Metric Ton (MT). It increases US$ 16,85 or 1,54% from April 2021 which was US$ 1.093,83/MT. It is written in the Regulation of Minister of Trade No. 27 / 2021 about Export Reference Price (ERP) Decision on Forestry and Agricultural Products having Out Fee.

“CPO reference price gets increasing and surpasses the threshold, US$ 750/MT. The government decided CPO OF is US$ 144/MT in May 2021,” General Director of Foreign Trade, Didi Sumedi said, as in the official statement to

CPO OF in May 2021 refers to Column 9, Attachment I, C, Regulation of Minister of Finance (RMF) No. 166/PMK.010/2020 which is US$ 144/MT. The numbers changed from CPO OF in April 2021 which was US$ 116/MT.

Cocoa seed reference price decreased in May 2021 reaching US$ 2.415,54/MT or 5,83% or US$ 149,46 from the previous month, which was US$ 2.565/MT. This influenced to the ERP of cocoa seeds in May 2021 to be US$ 2.130/MT, or decreased 6,41 percent or US$ 146 from the previous period which was US$ 2.276/MT.

The increasing CPO reference price happened for the CPO decreasing production globally while the decreasing cocoa seed reference price and ERP happened for the decreasing quality. It does not impact to cocoa seed OF which remains 5%. It is written in Column 2, Attachment I, B RMF No. 166/PMK.010/2020.

Wood and leather products have not change from the previous period. OF for wood and leather products is still the same and listed in Attachment II, A RMF No.166/PMK.010/2020. The regulation Minister of Trade No. 27 / 2021 could be downloaded at: (A2)