Heading to Idulfitri, Food Stocks and Price are Stable

Heading to Idulfitri, Food Stocks and Price are Stable

04 May 2021 , 06:28 WIB

Agricom.id, BOGOR - Badan Ketahanan Pangan (BKP) Ministry of Agriculture keeps monitoring the price and supply of strategic food progress both in the producers and consumers. This is as the early warning issue of food to do the right anticipation.

Head of Center Distribution and Food Reserves BKP, Risfaheri confirmed that the main foods in the fasting days and heading to Idul Fitri 2021 are in control and stable price.

“The strategic foods price and supply are relatively in control. It could be seen in two traditional markets in Bogor in Suryakencana and Kebun Kembang" he said when seeing the foods, Saturday (01/05/2021) as in the official statement to  Agricom.id.

He also mentioned, not only seeing the two markets, BKP also saw the food price and stocks in many markets in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek), such as, in Pasar Induk Tanah Tinggi Tangerang, Pasar Ciputat Tangerang Selatan, Pasar Depok Jaya, Pasar Induk Cibitung, Pasar Kranggan, and Pasar Kranji Bekasi.

"There were many people there to trade. It showed that the people’s economy was good enough in the pandemic, and so were other markets,” he said.

From the visit, the supply and price were stable. The medium rice was about Rp 8.100 – 10.500/kg (highest retail price/HRP was Rp 9.450/kg) while the premium price was Rp. 11.500 – 14.000/kg (HRP Rp 12.800/kg) within stock estimation 5-7 ton/retailer. Sugar was about Rp.12.500 – 14.000/kg (purchase reference price/PRP Rp 12.500/kg), and cooking oil was a little bit expensive Rp 13.000 – 15.000/kg (PRP Rp 11.000/liter; Rp 11.790/kg) within stock estimation 100-150 liters/retailer.

Red chili and red curly red chili were relatively stable at Rp 60.000/kg and Rp 22.000 – 30.000/kg. Onion was about Rp26.000-30.000 (PRP Rp 32.000/kg) and garlic was about Rp 24.000 - 30.000/kg, It was getting cheaper than it last week. He thought, onion is in harvest and the stocks would be enough until next June.

Knowing that cooking oil and sugar were more than PRP as regulated in Regulation of Minister of Trade No. 7 / 2020, and some premium and medium rice were more than HRP, Risfaheri reminded the traders to sell based on PRP and HRP.

“We realized that the stocks of three commodity are in control and surplus. There is no reason to sell them more expensive though they are increasing in demands heading to Idul Fitri. We do hope, the food taskforce would monitor,” he said.

The same things almost happened in Bekasi. The hen mean was cheaper from Rp 40.000/kg to be Rp38.000/kg; cow meat from Rp 130.000/kg to be Rp 120.000/kg, egg from Rp 24.000/kg to be Rp 22.000/kg (PRP Rp 24.000/kg), medium rice was stable at Rp 9.000/kg, sugar was Rp 12.500/kg, cooking oil was Rp 14.500 -15.000/kg, while in Bogor cow meat was Rp 130.000/kg and egg was Rp 23.000/kg.

"The people should not worry about the food price fluctuation heading to Idul Fitri. The commodity is mostly increasing about 10% from the reference price. This is normal because the sellers, of course, need to get profits to celebrate Idul Fitri too,” he said.

To help the people, BKP provided enough stocks of strategic foods in Pasar Mitra Tani (PMT)/Toko Tani Indonesia Center in Jakarta, Bogor, and Depok with cheaper price than those in regular markets.

The people could buy everything directly or online through go food, grab mart, bukalapak, and PasTani, In fasting days and heading to Idulfitri, PMT would give serive free of charge. PMT would do gelar pangan murah in the circumstances in Jabodetabek by implementing health protocols to Covid-19.

Head of BKP Ministry of Agriculture, Agung Hendriadi also asked to food agency in many regions to stabilize the stocks and price by some actions, such as, do gelar pangan murah intensively in each region.

For the regions where the stocks are not enough, BKP would provide transportation cost help from the surplus regions to minimize the extreme increasing price to stabilize the price and supply in many regions.

In the previous, Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo told that 12 main food stocks heading to Idul Fitri 1442 Hijriyah were enough for the people and they were in control.

“President told that, 12 main foods should be in control in fasting days and heading to Idul Fitri,” SYL said. (A2)