SYL Urged to Tightly Monitor Distribution

SYL Urged to Tightly Monitor Distribution

07 May 2021 , 06:28 WIB, JAKARTA - Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) urged that the subsidized fertilizer distribution should be tightly monitored in the distributor and retailer levels. Not only that the sanction should be firmly given to those breaking the regulations.

“Excuse me, director of Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company (PIHC), I do not want to intervene it, but this is also for my officers. If something goes wrong, played with the fertilizers in inappropriate ways, fire him. I will sue if fertilizer distribution has issue,” he said when inaugurating Focus Group Discussion (FGD) “Tata Kelola Pupuk Bersubsidi" in hall F, Kampus Kementerian Pertanian (Kementan), Wednesday (5/5/21) as in the official statement to

He also told, his side would be focusing to the fertilizer procurement in the farmers’ level because it is one important factor to increase the productivity and production of agriculture, namely food production.

“Do not see the fertilizers only but also 267 million citizens of Indonesia. We are the big country, if we are lack of food, miscalculate, speculate to a conception program, this would endanger the people. We do much with the farmers. Because of Covid-19, the people could not go out. No maximal activity to do. That is why it is important to provide food for the people. Everybody needs food to eat. We do it in every path. When refocusing takes place in many sectors, we could say that we are in over stock from 2019 to 2020 and 2020 to 2021. This is from Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS)," SYL said.

He told that agriculture is the sector that supports economic development nationally. It contributes to the gross domestic product too. In Covid-19 pandemic, only agriculture got the positive progress reaching 16,24 percent. Agriculture runs advance technology now and fertilizer is the important part.

“I always remember that President Joko Widodo always gives challenges. He said that every drop of your sweat would never betray the promise and result. Agriculture develops positively and exports increased 15,7 percent. Who did everything? This is the work of Indonesia, not Syahrul,” he said.

He also encouraged that everyone in fertilizer governance should be transparent, accountable so that the people could understand the work. There should be good team work to fulfill what the farmers’ needs.

“The last, for the agriculture is about fast, careful, and accurate, I do hope to improve the fertilizer governance through this forum,” he said.

General Director of Agriculture Infrastructure Ministry of Agriculture, Sarwo Edhy said that for all these years, subsidized fertilizer distribution starts from PT Pupuk Indonesia in the first line. Then it is distributed to storages in the provinces and then sent to the distributors in the districts.

“The fourth line was sent to shops or retailers in the villages. Then the farmers buy it in the near retailers,” he said.

He also mentioned, the subsidized fertilizers have regulations, such as, published by Minister of Finance to prepare the budget and capability of budget in every year in order not to significantly increase though the proposals to get it much bigger. The production and distribution to the farmers are regulated by PT Pupuk Indonesia as the executor.

"It means, Ministry of Agriculture just prepares electronic – rencana definitif kebutuhan kelompok (e-RDKK) and monitors with fertilizer and pesticide commission in the province, district, sub district levels which the members are from Ministry of Agriculture, industry agency, trade agency, the policy, and local governments, which the regional secretary as the chairman,” Sarwo said.

Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 49 / 2020 mentioned that the subsidized fertilizer allocation in 2020 would be 9,04 million tons and added by 1,5 million liters of liquid organic fertilizers. The subsidy from the government reached Rp 25,27 billion that cover 7,2 million tons of subsidized fertilizers.

"As a matter of fact, there are lacks of allocation between the government and the regulation of Minister of Agriculture. That is why we keep innovating to fulfill the lack by increasing the highest retail price, try to make production cost about 5 percent, and do re-formulation of the fertilizers,” Sarwo said. (A2)