To Help the Layer Breeders, Ministry of Agriculture Facilitates to distribute Corn from NTB to Blitar and Kendal

To Help the Layer Breeders, Ministry of Agriculture Facilitates to distribute Corn from NTB to Blitar and Kendal

18 May 2021 , 06:52 WIB, JAKARTA – Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo in somme chances emphasized his officers to make sure that the food stocks should be equal to many regions so that there would be no region lack of stocks that would cause increasing price significantly. To realize it, corn as the woof for poultry, should be the same. The increasing price of corn would have something to do with woof price and the eggs or hen mea.

Head of Badan Ketahanan Pangan (BKP) Ministry of Agriculture, Agung Hendriadi, as in the official statement, said that to make sure that the stocks are in good control, his side facilitates the food distribution cost both in the regional and national levels. His side regularly does it.

The increasing price of corn in the late days really burdens the breeder, namely the poultry in the small scale. Corn contributes about 40-45 percent to the woof. The selling price reference of dry corn is Rp5.500 - 5.800/kg. If it gets more expensive, it would influence the egg production and boiler costs.

“It gets more expensive because corn production centers are far away from the poultry breeder centers though based on the production prediction and the needs, the corn production is surplus still. Bima, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) Province is in crops while the poultry breeders are in Blitar and Kendal. The transportation cost from Bima would be more expensive and makes corn more expensive too. Corn is a seasonal product and the farmers would not keep it longer in the massive harvest. If it is sold not in the harvest, it would be much more expensive,” Risfaheri, Head of Food Stock, and Distribution Center BKP Ministry of Agriculture said, Saturday (15/05/2021).

Through BKP, Ministry of Agriculture facilitates the distribution costs of corn from NTP to the layer farmers in District of Blitar, East Java Province and District of Kendal, Central Java Province.

He also mentioned, the distribution facility would prioritize to fulfill woof needs for the small/independent layer farmers to minimize the woof costs.

He also said, the stocks of corn would be from NTB, such as, from District of Dompu, Bima, and West Sumbawa. 73,2 tons had been transported on 12 May 2021. The target is that 500 tons would be in Blitar in the very short time.

Chairman of Koperasi Putera Blitar, Sukarman said that his side is difficult to get corn in Java. If it is available, it is very expensive. While out of Java, many regions are in crops. Blitar is the hen breeder center in micro, small, medium business – base within egg production reaching 900 tons per day.

“About 30% of egg needs nationally are from Blitar. That is why corn is very needed to be the material of woof. We need 1.200 tons of corn per day,” he said, as in the official statement to

Chairman of Koperasi Peternak Unggas Sejahtera Kendal, Suwardi said the same. Distribution cost facility from Ministry of Agriculture would be very helpful for the breeders.

“By having corn from the production centers, and added by the cost distribution we have to pay, the distribution facility would help us for being hard to get woof supply,” he said.

Back to Risfaheri, he said, distribution facility would help to buy the corn farmers in NTB.

“The corn production in NTB is in big numbers. By distributing it to Java, their harvest would be well absorbed,” he said.

He also emphasized, the distribution facility for other commodities, such as, chili, and onion have been done to fulfill other lack regions or having expensive price. (A2)