After Idul fitri, PMT Still Operates Free Delivery to get Food Stocks Easily

After Idul fitri, PMT Still Operates Free Delivery to get Food Stocks Easily

19 May 2021 , 06:25 WIB, JAKARTA - Pasar Mitra Tani (PMT) Ministry of Agriculture prolongs online service shopping with free delivery until May 2021.

Head of Food Stock and Distribution Center Badan Ketahanan Pangan Ministry of Agriculture, Risfaheri thought, this would be easier for the people to get food stocks after Idul fitri. “After Idul fitri, the food stocks or supplies would not directly be normal from the producer or farmers to the markets. The price would not be stable too,” he said, Monday (17/5), as in the official statement to

Free delivery service, he continued, would ease the access for the people to get daily food needs in digital era and in Covid-19 pandemic that forces the people to limit the physical interaction.

Free delivery service is in cooperation with Grabmart until May 31st 2021. This is as the positive response of the people to fulfill their needs during and after Idul fitri.

“Of course, we support free delivery service as part of our contribution to stabilize food stocks and price,” representation of Grabmart, Rizky said.

Besides Grabmart, the people could get free delivery service through market place, PasTani in PMT Pasar Minggu, PMT Kelender Jakarta, PMT Cimanggu Bogor, and PMT Depok.

PasTani is online delivery service that PMT Ministry of Agriculture manages.

Head of Badan Ketahanan Pangan Ministry of Agriculture, Agung Hendriadi said, PMT is one adaptive realization to face the dynamic of environment and interaction changes in the society to digitalization.

Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo always emphasized that the world is changing fast and dynamic. In the future, Indonesia should face the challenges in new ways.

“We should be able to see the opportunities. The limited mobilization because of Covidd-19 pandemic insists and opens the chance for the businessmen to be more creative, keep collaborating, use the mechanism and technology in every aspect of live, including using online system through technology,” he said.

In the previous, PMT Ministry of Agriculture provided free delivery service from Grabmart and PasTani from 17 April - 11 May 2021. The people were enthusiastic using the service and known from the escalating online orders up to 25% before it was launched. (A2)