The Farmers in District of Malang Get The Helps from President

The Farmers in District of Malang Get The Helps from President

20 May 2021 , 06:11 WIB, MALANG – The helps from President Joko Widodo, such as, 4 units of hand tracktor, 1 unit of big combine harvester, 1 unit of medium combine, 1 unit multi-purpose power trasher, 1 unit of rice packing, 1 unit of 10 ton – capacity vertical dryer had been got by the farmers in District of Malang, Tuesday (18/5/2021). Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo directly handed over the helps to Regent of Malang, M. Sanusi. These were the follow up from the visit of President Joko Widodo on 29 April in the Village of Kanigoro, Sub district of Pagelaran, District of Malang.

"We are here just like what President Joko Widodo told and promised after he saw and was happy to see the harvest in District of Malang. He pays attention to food security productivity in Indonesia which lay on 7,4 million hectares. That is why he gave the tools,” SYL said in the Village of Kanigoro, as in the official statement to

SYL also emphasized, the helps should increase the food production and the farmers’ welfare. Tools development should be balanced with human resource development which means, the agriculture develops to empower the farmers with the advance technology.

"The helps given by the President should make District of Malang as the locomotive for others to increase the food production. If we could develop modern agriculture, there should be variety of development. We should not produce paddy, or corn only but also vegetables, fruits, livestock, such as, duck, and also plantation to increase the farmers’ welfare,” SYL asked.

He also urged District of Malang and the farmers to massively get and advantage kredit usaha rakyat (KUR) to develop the agricultural business independently, modern, and better. The district could be the sample for others in Indonesia to develop modern technology agriculture through independent fund.

“I do hope, the farmers could access KUR. I would help that the banks would give easiness, how much District of Malang would need, we would help you. If it would be Rp 20 billion, we are ready. By KUR, we could develop home industries and the farmers could get bigger additional values,” he said.

“We could develop banana industries, for instance, replant coconut and the industries by KUR. We have to realize everything because the agriculture in Malang is the showcase of Agriculture in Indonesia,” he mentioned.

Regent of Malang, M. Sanusi was happy knowing how SYL works at the field. He gets the outcome and it is the same as what President Joko Widodo told. The helps for the farmers would increase the productivity.

“I want that such minister would be like him, having good and real results and the programs are real. Real work just like President told,” he said.

“By the helps, the farmers could increase the food production. We are thankful Minister SYL for giving the presents of President Joko Widodo in Malang. The farmers in Malang also got help small pickup truck from Istana Kepresidenan for the millennials,” he said. (A2)