CBS: FER and FBER in May 2021 Increased 0,44 Percent

CBS: FER and FBER in May 2021 Increased 0,44 Percent

05 June 2021 , 06:20 WIB, JAKARTA – Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS) mentioned that famers’ exchange rate (FER) and farmers’ business exchange rate (FBER) significantly increased compared to the previous month. FER in May 2021 increased 0,44 percent to be 103,39, while FBER increased 0,48 percent to be 104,04 percent.

The increasing FER happened for the index that the farmers got nationally reached 0,66 percent. “The increasing is higher than the index that the farmers paid reaching 0,21 percent,” Deputy in Distribution and Service Statistic CBS, Setianto said in the virtual press conference, Wednesday (02/06/2021), as in the official statement to

The increasing FER nationally was supported by the increasing FER in some sub sectors, such as, food plantation which FER increased 0,63 percent,” he said.

He also mentioned that the increasing FER in food plantation happened for some strategic commodities, such as, corn, grain, soybean, and cassava. The commodities got the increasing price index because the farmers got price index reaching 0,84 percent.

Besides food plantations, plantation sub sectors were the biggest factors to increase FER. The increasing FER in plantation reached 1,05 percent. “It happened for palm oil, rubber, glove, coffee, coconut, crops, nutmeg, and cocoa,” he said.

FER in livestock did increase about 0,85 percent. He thought, the price index that the farmers got reached 1,15 percent, higher than the price index that the farmers paid. The commodities influencing the increasing FER were cow, hen, buffalo, fork, and sheep.

The increasing FER happened in the same time with the increasing FBER. Just like FER, the increasing FBER happened for the positive work of FBER in food plantation sub sectors, people’s plantation, livestock which increased 0,66, 1,07, and 0,75 for each.


The Grain Increased in the Farmers’ Level

The grain in May 2021 was in better price. In the previous month, it decreased 2,51 percent, but in May 2021, harvested dry grain (HDG) increased 2,87 percent though the retail rice got cheaper 0,14 percent.

“HDG in the farmers’ level was Rp 4.398 per kilogram in average,” Setianto said.

In other place, Head of Public Relation and Information Ministry of Agriculture, Kuntoro Boga Andri said that the increasing grain price in the farmers’ level is also the variable to increase FER nationally in May 2021.

“In May 2021, some regions still did massive harvest. The better grain price is positive for our farmers because the grain remains good,” he said.

In April 2021, the grain was cheaper 2,51 percent. The government did gerakan serapan gabah in some paddy production centers.

Gerakan serap gabah and controlling the price in the farmers’ level was done by Ministry of Agriculture, Perum Badan Urusan Logistik, Enterprises in food cluster, and regional governments. The synergy was maximally done to maintain the grain price good in the farmers’ level and to prevent the decreasing FER. What we achieved in May has something to do with many sides’ hard work,” he said. (A2)